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Friday 7 October 2005

Report Larian Muhhibah

I would highly recommend this run event to those recreation runners. It was the 6th year NTCRC organized the run event and the participation came from various places Ipoh, Taiping, Penang, Alor Star, Sungai Petani and others.. Chen, my friend from KL.

I'm quite surprise went reached Nibong Tebal by motobike early morning, saw crowd of runners warming-up, gathering and chatting. - Wah! no cash prize pun ramai ka... even elite runners pun ada jugak batang hidung depa.

NTCRC organized the event very well, must be help from sponsors, supporting from government and years of experience handling the event make it Larian Muhhibah famous years by years. Compare to previous years, there no 21km category. I don't why. Maybe lack of participation or volunteers tak larat tunggu kot. Ran in 10km, make my heart scattered along the road. - Jenuh kutip.

First time i ran race with mp3 player, bought a few months ago. Before, i used it during training and long run. Feel comfortable with it. It makes me focus on the run, avoid myself from listening my deep breath (..macam suruh slow-down).

Second reason, i had no luxury time to listen to my favorite music. Wish i could sit on kerusi malas in-front of mi-di and listen straight 1-2 albums.. but not being a father..

My songs - Eeeemmm i'm still living in 80ties. From Huey Lewis, INXS, Mike & Mechanics, Tear for Fears, Joe Satriani.. etc and some jazz like Rippingtones, Lee Ritnour, David Benoit, Four Plays.. etc. Classics - not here.. else tidoq aku.

The race start in-front of Maybank. Flag-off by ADUN Jawi. Route was fine. Not too buzy with vehicles. Weather - canteek!. Raining abit since last night. - Sejuk sikit.

2-3 minutes after flag-off, just slow jog. Couldn’t run.. too crowd. Ran opposite side of the road. And increase volume level - hear nothing and start running. Don't do it during on your training run, especially on roads.

Got target to achieved and slowly i could heard my deep breath.
"huiih.aaaihh.. huiih.aaaihh.. huiih.aaaihh.." - ...louder than my songs.
Just run and potong sayur as many as i can. Don't care about trophy or top finishing.. mine was to renew my PB.

Half-way.. too exhausted because of speeding. Start walking & drinking at water-station. Wish more water-stations so that i could walk instead of running.

At 2 check-points and starting line, we were given different color of rubber-bands. That more i like it rather than getah ikat nasi bungkus - hey! i got more inside my pocket. Always prepared.

@7km, potong one of "MSSM Kedah" athlete.. based on his running vest - Hish.. segan aku nak pakai macam tuh. then veteran plak potong dia.

Continue running, never take a look at my stopwatch. Then saw a fly-over bridge, i know the finish line to too far. "Everybody wants to rule the world" was played - huh! perah! lagi... turn right. another 100m more.

..pundek! aku kena potong by 3 runners from behind.. mana mai? tak dengaq pun bunyi tapak kasut.. Luckily, top finisher medals already finished. Else tepuk dahi aku.

@Finish line
Peh! the event turn to Pesta Makan!! hot soy bean, ice-cream x 4, horlick ice, watermelon, bun, boiled eggs, bottles of mineral water - everthing sapu!. I bet there no such run event in Penang provide lots of post race meals (free!) except Valdor and Muhhibah run.

Timing - 40.45mins.. think, route not exactly 10km. Between 9km - 9.5km. - Keciwa abit. Chen also agreed, his timing was 39++ mins. Thought being 6th NTCRC run event.. they should choose exactly 10km route. But in registration form, indicate 10.1km!?

Did i ran more faster?! - Forgot to measure by motorbike laa... Melancholy* plak aku.
*Personality Plus - Florence Littauer.

Won a lucky draw - only consolation prize laa.. a towel

p/s - Sorry guys no photo this time. Wife ambik camera! Got another sport event for Alaudin.

To him, I’m sorry can’t attend your sport event. Promise you, next year will go and support you. IF!.. not clash with my run event.. heheeee.. Get your ass on track not on the baloon! Then, i will run with you.

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