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Thursday 10 November 2005

Raya 2005

First day of Raya Aidilfitri at Sungai Baong (@ Sungai Bakap). This year we decide to gather together on first day raya. Luckily my turn to celebrate raya at my kampung.. else could see UFO :P

Kids raya with them mum
Raya with Alauddin
..with Jasmin
Raya family photo

Early morning after aidilfitri pray, went to my mother grave with all my brothers and sister (Saiful, Sabri, Me & Dahliya). Read surah Yassin to her. Couldn't control myself.. was in tears.

Suasana rumah dah tak semeriah as previous years.

Late evening drove to Taiping.

2nd Raya day at Taiping to relative houses and finished all of bee-hoon soup at Zul house...

burrrrppp! tarak segan punya. Semua sumbat.

3rd raya day still at Taiping
- Slow jog at Lake Garden. Did 2 loop of 3.5 (17.05+16.56) and run+climb Bukit Larut to meet up with Zul.
- To Nezz house. Those never to her house.. come with buses. Rumah dia muat punya!
- Drove back to Bedong

Kenduri En.Nizam from SP Runners
Pengantin Baru
All core SPRunners members came wearing club t'shirt..
Beraya at my house after Nizam's wedding

4th raya day @ Merbok
Attend one of SP Runners members wedding. Saudara Nizam and his bride. After sumbat nasi minyak and nasi tomato, invite all SP Runners to my house.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Jasmin can't wait to have a cake
You're 5 years old.. next year, send you to another pre-school!

8 Nov 2005
Celebrate Alauddin 5th birthday and hari raya open house
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y A B A N G ! !
He want Power Rangers sword for his birthday
- Lega! ingat nak gerek kaaa.. Lego kaaa.. remote car kaa..

Fingers burn. Crying loud. Kena sebotol.. tidoq Tears in a sleep.
2 of 3 fingers burn by playing bungapi

Play bungapi with Jasmin. Warn him many times with uncontrol pitching voices, not to play by breaking bungapi into small pieces. And he learn a lesson.
Next.. firecrackers for him - bakaq duit betul. Seronok cuma a few second.

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