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Friday 20 January 2006

Training Route: Tye Eng

My favourite training route. Mostly i ran on evening after office hours. Clock-out/cabut at 5pm and get ready at 5:45pm. On alternate day, we doing family fun ride. Cikgu and Jasmin ride on MTB, Alauddin with his bike. Me.. kaki laa... Sometimes I exchanged ride with cikgu. She ran for 1-2km until Tye Eng Estate (TEE).

Pic A

Tye Eng Estate

A very quiet road. No car except motorcycles from TEE residents. Start from home via Pic A and until TEE is about 1.5km tarmac. The TNB power substation, on left side where 3 of transformers was stolen recently.

Pic B - end of tarmac road

Palm plantation

Pic C - Chicken Poultry

TEE residents worked at palm and rubber plantation. From pic B to C, hilly. Up-down-up, running passing palm, rubber plantation and chicken poultry. Sometimes need to carry stones. Got gangster of dogs.

Pic D - Junction. Palm plantation on left and paddy field on right

Jerai on right and AIMST building

From Chicken poultry to pic D, able to run abit fast on "jalan tanah merah". Entering the paddy field. ahhh.. love running here. Wind blowing. Spectacular paddy field view. Mount Jerai on right side. Sometimes i stop here for awhile. Reset my mind for a few minutes and .. take a deep breath and.. Go!

..then from paddy field, passing a small Chinese village. Also need to prepare with stones.

Turn right to un-complete highway road which head to AIMST. Sometimes on this road, i'm not alone. Some of Taman Murni residents and locals doing walking & jog exercise, until T junction to AIMST.

Then from AIMST, run 2.5km back home using main road which head to Pekan Bedong. Very busy road especially during late evening. Via this road you could go to Semeling, Merbok, Tanjung Dawai and Yan. Luckily AIMST expend the road lane, able to run against traffic comfortably. Passing AIMST and then reach home - Taman Semeling Indah.

Home - Tye Eng Estate - AIMST - Home
Distance: 9km (5km trail + 4km tarmac)

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  • i supposed u pakai MTB....road bike won't survive the offorad section...

    By Blogger TriStupe, at 1:44 pm  

  • Kuda besi.. not ready yet. But i cruise it by old rusty MTB + batang kaki

    By Blogger aharis, at 1:47 pm  

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