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Tuesday 25 July 2006

Lumba Basikal @Teluk Kumbar

Went with Reza, he pick me up at 6:30. Late already. Speed-up >100km/h to reach TK before 8am (flag-off time). Arrived TK @7:55am. We were the first at Dewan Teluk Kumbar - Cilakak penat tekan pedal minyak.

No target expected as it was my first bike race. Just having fun and took it as experience to prepare for Powerman. The race start very late. 1:30 hour run-off the schedule due to inexperience of organizer and preparation. By that time... matahari already terpacak atas kepala.

Probably 40-50 participation line-up at starting line, i joined them a few minutes before flag-off - When to pecah bilik yang berpangkah "X" for 3rd time after pekena nasi lemak. Silap pi makan sambal.

The Route
From Sekolah Teluk Kumbar to Teluk Bahang and U-turn. 72km. Those who familiar this route... you could imagine how it's look like. From Teluk Kumbar, you will be passing bukit, bukit then Balik Pulau (famous with kind of exotic durian) then Sg Rusa, bukit, bukit and bukit.. then Teluk Bahang Dam then Teluk Bahang. U-turn at roundabout then return back to Teluk Kumbar. 65% up-downhill, 35% flat. - Fuh!! meleleh... tang part kerabat bukit.

The Race
Start behind Reza. After 6km flat - Bukit. Saja test buat breakaway... 6 bikers join me. We're 2nd group. First group (8-10) already far in-front. Speed? Don't know. Just kept tailing the group. For me, it was fast enough. If ride alone sure slow lagik. Passing kampung2 at Balik Pulau.

At Sg. Rusa - Flat road. Still in a group. Try to have fun but.. x sempat. Have to maintain the speed to stay in a group. 36-38km/h. Then.. PUSSSSSHHH!!... terkezut aku. Thought my tyre. Luckily mamat beside me. Tinggal 5 budak hitam.

Then the climbing started - bukit Balik Pulau.. famous with durian. D24, D2, Udang Bakar, Durian Burung, Kucing Tidoq and etc... name type of durian. Got extra power from the durian fragrance around, i'm lead the group. It last for 5mins.. after that 3 bikers breakaway (Geng2 SUKMA kot..). Left us.

Turun bukit - Peh! part yang paling best.
For awhile i was berasan macam Valentino Rossi bawak MotoGP. Kereta, moto, lori, van + 3-4org bikers habis kena potong. Nyaris2 terbabas 2-3kali dlm gaung.. able low down my grativy point.

After Bukit Kerawang.. pedalling alone until at Teluk Bahang Dam, the first group passing, then the second group, third and seredak2... >20 in-front of me. After u-turn.. again i kayuh alone until finish line.

@60km, tangki air - E!. Another 12km more. Panas lit-lit.
That time, the only kept on flashing in my mind was 100Plus - Tebu - Cendoi - 100Plus tangerine - Tebu - Cendoi - 100Plus - Tebu - Cendoi.
Tekak betul2 kering kontang. Speed 15-18 on flat road. Tak boleh pi dah. Every time passing kedai2 runcit.. my eyeballs dok perati peti ais. - Tak boleh jadik.

Berhenti. Tongkat gerek. Ambik RM1.40. Bought a can of 100Plus. Sejuk punya.
- Duh!!! nikmatnyer minum 100Plus time macam ni.

Continue... my speed increased abit. 26-29.. until finish line.
Reza sampai 10mins after me.
Placing.. probably >20.
Luckily I could finish it without any distraction or bike problems. Despite not won any placing - Still, we are the WINNERS

Distance: 72km
Time: 2:33.59
Speed: 28km/h

1. More tangki air
2. Sign-up for life insurance
3. Kena cari kasut + pedal

1. Late start.
2. No marking or sign-board of the route - Went to wrong road.. twice



From left - Winners #3, #2 and #1

Queue for free lunch. That's why can't complain banyak2

Marah pada bukit-bukit... 2 pinggan.

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