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Tuesday 4 July 2006

Report: Larian Bendang 2006

*Mouse over the photos for description
Karnival Hari Penyayang

1. Same like last year, Larian Bendang was held conjunction of Karnival Amal Penyayang - Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah.
2. Starting line, route and finish line still the same - Like it. Could track my timing over the years.
3. Two of my Pacemakers members join me - Came all the way from KL. Yaziz + Draco Ng.
4. While chat with Yaziz + Draco.. BANG! the 21km race started at 7:00am - Ceh! tak dan nak warm-up.
5. First 1-2km was ran and chat with Yaziz + Draco (..sambung dari stadium)
6. @4km - Still running in Alor Star town heading to Hutan Kampung. Was running smooth.
7. @6km - Into the paddy field - cool. Passing airport runaway. Race against moving train.
8. @10km - 47.14mins. Tutuh expired power-gel - Forgot to suck during previous run event.
9. @11km - Overtook all women.
10. @14km - Run alone. Next target.. 100m in-front. - Cilakak laju dia.
11. Last 2km to finish line, join with 11km runners. Able to race with top4 11km runner.. for a few second - Depa tak dak jantung ka?..
12 Last 1km to finish line. Nampak spot-light stadium. Prepare to increased the speed... but pundek-hayun-kuda-kepang - Perut cramp!. (Bukan nak berak.. but cramp) 2 possibility.
a. I ate too much last night... i know. i could feel it on my tummy. - buncit
b. Expired power-gel.
13. Thanks god! It happen at last km. - Can't tahan already. Want to walk.. but easy jog till finish line.
14. @Finish line... they layuq/tayang the medal... hoping i'm speeding.. - nnaaahh!
15. 1:38.50 - Ceh! extra 1mins from PR

21km flag-off.. mengejut.
Men 11km
Women 11km
School kids
Walking with VIP
Sultan Kedah at finish line with 21km men finisher finish line
With Alex - BM Leopard and Thean Seng - SP Runners
Enjoy the 4 cups of Livita
Pak dia teman anak dia lari 5km
Draco Ng... kampui medal @ A.Star + Ipoh
Finish line
With Yaziz and Draco
SP Runners at Larian Bendang 2006
The Carnival
Looking for free table
The Carnival
The Carnival
The Carnival
Team tarik tali - My company.

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  • Keep it up!! Mana gambor Bendang? Alaa..Nak tau how dia orang tanam padi then nanti saya tanam 'under water'2 feed the fishes,coral etc...hehehe...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 am  

  • aisayman... LB rawks lah!!! errrr... nanti medal tu tlg duplicate satu, pastu hantaq mai sini nooo.... :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 pm  

  • Tuty: Pernah tgk org tanam padi atas bumbung?

    N: Peh! meriah.. but lack of participation laa.. - photostat boleh ke?

    By Blogger aharis, at 11:27 pm  

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