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Friday 23 March 2007

Report: Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2007

01. My first run event for 2007
02. Last minutes decision to join KLIM.
03. Run on somebody bib#
04. Stuck dalam bilik air for 3 times.
05. Breakfast with plain water and Powerbar Triple Threat.
06. Reached starting line 5mins before flag-off. I thought 6:30am base on reporting card - lucky me.
XX. Bang - Frankly.. aku rasa bersalah. Will do more sunat.
07. Start far behind the group and a minute half to reach starting line.
08. @10km - My timing away from the target. <50mins.
09. Lupa sedut powergel. - Patut la x power :P
10. Cuaca.. cantek. Still in dark and cold after soak with cold sponges.
11. Left leg - OK. Afraid to pecut more... else unable to run for another months.
12. @11km - Run/pace with Zulazlan. Terkezut dia, ingat aku tak datang KLIM.
13. Some of friends that i chat/hi/sergah on the course - Bose, PakYa(BM), YuSong(BM), A-Swiss-MatSalleh, Zul, KalerBijikRemia, ChinPG, A-Swiss-MatSalleh again. Most of PMs ran full. Where is ketambatu?
14. @18km - Still pacing with Zul.

15. Really hate an extra loop @Jalan TAR and Jalan Raja Laut. Saw a few foreign runners argued with FTAAA who asked them to a loop after the runners already layuq with finish line. - To FTAAA: Pi la cari extra route jauh2 dari finish line. Far from loud music also.
16. Last km to finish line. Zul pecut. Left me with a-swiss-matsalleh again.
17. Pekena a few cups of milo
18. Meet-up with KL friends and the PMs. First time jumpa Stupe, Mary, Azman and also my ex-team CreamCrackers.
19. Cheering other runners. Tup2 ada sorang AhSoh marah2+tak puashati dengan KLIM kat aku. Yep! i agreed.
20. Last year 21km result, 1:48.44. 100th. Tergelincaq skit.

Bib# F2103
Offcial time: 1:53:28
Chip time 21km: 1:52:03
Chip time 10km: 0:54:20

My stopwatch.
05km = 25.31
10km = 53.29
21km = 1:52.02
My 21km timing exactly with chip time.

The F Category position: 102/655
Overall men 21km category position: 165/1214

Mouse over the photos for description

Registration booths
Dataran Merdeka early morning
Tey @25km
ChinPG heading to finish line
Chew+Janggut cedera. Jiwa kacau tak boleh lari.
YuSong. Lumba jalan kakiYaziz: Hahaa.. hang ka!!
Mahadhir. A guy that chat during my 1st marathon.CM!
Azwar + Loong
BijikRemia + F00k
Photo from Tey @17km
From Chew cam, heading to finish.. yeah!
Oppss a loop first - Cilakak!
Yeah! Got pink ribbon. A-swiss-MatSalleh behind.
With Chew
Janggut with Full champ utk mencuba pegang cheque RM38k.

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  • I pun rasa bersalah...:-(

    I also hate that silly loop at Jln Raja Laut. So near to finish yet so far...

    Anyway, I got to know the astroceria run for fun from this blog. Tima kasih! My kids are running.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:36 pm  

  • Yeah, all of us are guilty!! :)
    Anyway, congrats for a gud run!! Running is oredi a gud thing, so why worry abt timing, most importantly u completed ur run..

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 2:22 pm  

  • congrats.. sub 2 hr tuh..

    By Blogger bola2api, at 2:52 pm  

  • >Haza, I'm glad that this blog help others. Happy running wt yr kids. Sama2.

    >N, Ya.. always. Running is good but sometimes timing is great and prize.. greatest! :)

    TQ. Same to you, sub 2 also :P

    By Blogger aharis, at 1:45 pm  

  • hahaha.. takpe .. janji habis

    By Blogger bola2api, at 11:42 am  

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