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Saturday 5 June 2010

Report: Hatyai Marathon 2010

I feel great able to run on the road again with friends who share same passion. Pacing with each other, chatting and capturing the scenic town. The 4th Hatyai Marathon held on 30 May 2010 at Jinakorn Stadium, which located in the heart of Hatyai City. Offered 3 categories; full marathon, 4km fun run and most registered category including me - 13km.

Started at 7:00am Malaysian time, we ran thru Hatyai main road. The 4 lanes road was full with thousand runners as far 500~800meters. Weather was nice. The sunshine was blocked by shop building. I really having a great run on my own pace.

I don't care who sayur me. I don't pressured by my stopwatch. I love stepping my foots on smooth, clean, black, flat Hatyai roads. Steps by steps - my mind was free. All my worries were gone. Running and touring the Hatyai town in early morning was peaceful and enjoyable.

At +5km, we ran against the marathon runners with 4x4 Pick-Up tailing them. As usual the Kenyan still dominant in long distance. I think they also enjoy the running although there were small amount of cash prizes.

The running route

There were 2 water-stations serving plain, cold water, carbonate drinks and watermelons. Running on U-turn route, we passing 2 water-station twice. I took plain+cold water only. Watermelons?.. i save it later at finish line.

My stopwatch shown 34.33mins at 6.5km. Emmm.. I really on fun-pace. After right turn heading back into (<4km to finish line) Hatyai town I feel abit exhausted. It was the longest distance I had ran since Chap Ayam Family run.

The main road start busy. From the 4 lanes during starting, they narrow it to 2 lanes and allow the tuk-tuks and cars passing by. I finished the 2nd half of 13km in 36.09. Total time was 1:10.43.

Between Hatyai Marathon and Hatyai Nature Run, I like Hatyai Marathon most. For the flat and free traffic route. But if you like post-race meals, then this coming Hatyai Nature Run (HNR) on August should consider.

Ya! Alex and I already booked 40 rooms for HNR. It's 3D2N with 1 2 bus.

Hafiz and Nizam from Kulim


Registration counter

Official tee

T'shirt counter

My favorite restaurant - DaiCha Fried Chicken. Also got tomyam, soup and nasi briani. Most important - Halal.

Idea Market inside Lee Garden Shopping Complex - Handcraft items

Enjoy the post-race meals

Cincau sedap...slurrrppp..

Cert+Medal counter

Hawa from Penang

Can print on t'shirt also

Finishing photo for sale

Too crowded and slow service. Should use laser color printer. I left my finish photo

Chevrolet bicycles

Mark your calendar

Hafiz - 3rd.

With Mat Saad

Alex - 9th

My trophy

with Farid - the Chap Ayam Runners from KL

..heading to Old Market with Hafiz, Mat Saad and Nizam


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  • love this post coz have lots of pictures. does Thailand run always provide such colourful vest and t-shirt :))

    By Blogger dannie chOOng, at 11:37 am  

  • Dannie,
    Hahaa.. I think they like striking color on tee. Only wear run'g thailand t'shirt while in Siam.

    By Blogger aharis, at 3:14 pm  

  • Whoa....The t shirt is super colourful! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    By Blogger RunWitMe, at 11:57 pm  

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