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Sunday 8 May 2011

Report: Larian Bendang 2011

After cash won at Larian Mesra Rayat at Taman Jublee, Sungai Petani last week, cikgu and Jasmin were fire up.

"Ada larian kat mana lagi?"
"Minggu depan Larian Bendang kat Alor Star. 6km aja"

Yep! i received a "bring it on!" tones from both of them.

At Larian Bendang, initially I decide to run along Jasmin. Pace with her until finish line. Because the organizer offer 4 categories; VIP Sr/Jr (RM250 as registration fee), Open Men/Women, Secondary school and primary school. For primary and secondary school categories, is ok for me. But Men Open and Women Open... only 1 category for a gender - huh! Really tough.

Adding more perit.. this event offer only top30 finishers medal. The cash prize is out of my target. Wake-up at 4:45, drove from home at 5:30am, subuh at Masjid Zaher, I mention to Jasmin, I will pace with her from start to finish line. Coz the top30 to me was finished before I line up at starting line.

Looking at categories offered on registration form, clearly a recreation runner like me sudah tolak tepi. If the YSB really looking for room of improvement in Larian Bendang, they should study the category. In Kedah, left only 2 annual run events - Larian ASJC and Larian Bendang. - Cukop sedih.

So.. it is not impossible next 2 or 3 years, there is no more Larian Bendang. Why?
"Tarak sambutan.."
Maybe the organizer will say like that.
"Kita sudah shorten the distance pon tarak orang mau lari"
"Kita sudah tambah cash money pon diaorang tak mau lari"
"Kita sudah promote ini larian merata-rata.. pon tarak orang minat mau lari"

To YSB, I would said - "Check your category!!"

Ok. This part is my 5 kupang.
Runners can divide into 2 - Elite and Recreation. Elite, those who could run a 10km in less 40mins. Usually they gun for cash. I know they train hard, need food supplement and mileage to support. While recreation runners they just syiok-syiok. Money spender. Run for fun. Target to break their personal best. Most likely they like to meet up with fiends and seek memorable in any event they had join such as medal or certificate.

..again (my 5kupang), for me Elite group is minority - Not many runners able clocked <40mins in 10km. While Recreation runner group is majority here.

Now... which group would you like to fill up the stadium most?

I not saying - Do not offer any cash prize. Cash prize is encouragement. It will encourage the Recreation runner to race and upgrade into Elite group. We will see good competition here.

Pening? ..then engage with local running club. Seek their advice. For sure, most of the club members interested to join.

Ok. Back to into Stadium Darulaman for Larian Bendang 2011. While waiting for flag-off I went back to Jasmin. I changed my mind after scanning number of Men Open kakis.

Men campur dgn Women category - Awat hangpa tak mai...

"Ayah, akan join kakak lepas ayah habih lari. Satgi masa beratur kat Starting Line, berdiri line depan. Jangan dok belakang"

Men+women Open flag-off first. Follow by SekMen and SekRen was last.

This time, no mp3 player. My aim is top30 - medal. First 2km, still perangat the engine. Passing Saoq Albukhari shopping complex, I ran until ayeq hidung meleleh... dah lama tak jadi lagu ni. My mind still thinking to pace with Jasmin. I want to finish quickly and run back to Jasmin.

6.4km - base on Google Map

I meet up Jasmin at T junction where 1.5km to finish line. Marked one Indian guy in red suit. Able to potong him. Next, on my mind - Jasmin. Cross the finish line. Took position card. Sip a free Milo - arrrgghh.. Milo not good as I need to continue run. Took a camera and drink plain water from Alauddin's beg and run back.

Meet Jasmin at same T junction. 1.5km more to finish line. She looks strong. But asking for water...

...lapaq ayeq!!

"Hey YSB!! you should set up water station @3km for your majority participant. 6km..jauh tuh"

@4.5km, she still running. I join and pace with her on the left side of road. Right.. was too crowded. She nearly wants to start walking but I said finish line is not far.

"...sana ada lori ayeq milo.. jom!"

..Milo!.. milo!.. milo!!...

And she cross the finish line and grabbed 27th position - Not bad for Standard 2 student.. Cikgu, she got 28th. So 3 of us were top30 finishers. Yeay!! Although no cash but, medal.. was the memorable one - it last sampai kami tua bertongkat. Or maybe our cucu terkejut tengok medal tok/wan depa berlambak and trigger their instinct - Born to Run :P

Early morning. Pinned first ribbon.


VIP category

SekMen Lelaki category

SekMen Perempuan category

@Stadium Darulaman roundabout

All top30 finishers



Breakfast with cups of orange juice and 100Plus

Free flow 100Plus+Oranges Juice counter depan kami heheee..

Me? Inside lar..

@Muzium Negeri. Heheheee.. years of staying in Kedah, baru nak jengok.

On way back home, we ziarah our beloved Advanza in workshop @Alor Star. Involved in chain collision of 5 cars 3 week ago. Luckily Cikgu is fine. No injuries.

@Police Traffic HQ


The medals.

My Hatyai Marathon contingent

29 May 2011 - Me, Cikgu and Jasmin. Alauddin - time keeper and Fansuri as coach.


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