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Thursday 6 October 2011

Report: Larian Merdeka, Penang

24 September 2011 | Saturday | 8:15pm
Larian Merdeka, Penang
10km. Men Open. Time: 44.15mins

Running at weekend night in busy Georgetown roads offered me new experience. Start in-front of Penang City Hall building at Padang Kota, i could let my kids playing, running and jumping around the field while Cikgu reading a magazine - Everyone gumbira.

Photo courtesy of YuSong

Before flag-off, I was standing on the starting line. Front group. Warm-up done. So I pressed full-throttle after a gun shot. Roads were busy, full of cars and motorcycles + malam minggu. Thanks to Rela and geng for taking care of traffic on that night.

We were running thru busy roads in Georgetown, such as Penang Road, Jalan Burma, Jalan Kelawai then back thru Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah and Lebuh Farquhar.

Paling syiok, running thru Penang road and Jalan Burma. We were cheer-up by tourists walking along the road and locals watching us from dinner tables. The aroma of cooking dishes from restaurants along Jalan Burma were so tempting. I was forced to hold my dinner before the event. So my stomach sudah berdangdut abit.

Halfway of Jalan Burma... I feel a my bit pain on my chest. Maybe because of fast pace during start-up. I had to slow-down but not walking - running on easy pace.

The motorist become inpatient after long queue, some of them disobey Rela and nearly hit one of runners in-front of me.

Thru Persiaran Gurney, we were running along beach and restaurants before back to busy road Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. I was running with two secondary boys. They feel exhausted. Melelong and sayur them. Then one of my category runner and a veteran sayur me at Lebuh Farquhar. Try to gave chase 100 meter before finish line - no way to me.

There were enough free drinks of Vico and 100Plus. Those who hungry and waiting until lucky draw, they enjoyed the Roti Benggali from Patchee Bakery, one of Larian Merdeka sponsors.

The official result available here. Judging on my usual timing, I think the distance <10k. 9k probably.

First time sembahyang @Masjid Kapitan Keling. Old building. One of the oldest mosques in Penang, founded in 1801. Situated in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town.


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