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Friday 2 July 2004

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Favorite album/artist for relaxing mood. Great composer best known for the new age-styled instrumental. When he was only 17 years old, Mike Oldfield composed 'Tubular Bells' in 1973, which was #1 everywhere it was released. It was used as the soundtrack music to the horror movie 'The Exorcist'.

'Tubular Bells' spent over 5 years in both the UK and US album charts, and it has so far sell over 16 million copies.

Only his second album, 'Hergest Ridge' managed to knock 'Tubular Bells' off the UK top spot. Mike is one of only 3 artists to have knocked themselves off the #1 spot, the others being the Beatles and Bob Dylan. The latest 30th album is Tubular Bells 2003.

  • The official Mike Oldfield
  •, an open website dedicated to Mike Oldfield
  • Another official website

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    The Malaysian cartoonist first popularised in the New Straits Times. LAT's cartoons provide a thoroughly believeable view of Malysian life and politics.

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