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Friday, 8 April 2005


Yesterday 5:30pm, really no mood for running. Although the weather was fine, running shoes, trek-bottom, sun glasses and mineral drinks inside my beg... but still no mood.. don't know why..

Just surfed around the net, blogs, running webs - bored!

Went home early..

This morning.. suddenly was wake-up at 4:30 - Can't sleep back.

Feel something is missing in my life for past 2-3 days? - Running!

Yep! put on my running gears and run, run, run and keep on running in darkness.. to Semeling junction. Damn! it's really dark morning - not a single light post. Hoping the motorist could me my shoes reflexion.

The only pom2 and keep me running - bloody dogs!

Heard Subuh azan while running - Make me so small..
- Of course laa.. wake-up by the subuh azan - no time to "hayati"..

What is azan mean for..

Reach home 5mins after azan. Warm-down, bath and perform a peaceful subuh pray.

It's my first time, running early in morning and drove to office.

How it feel at office - Great!

May be i should add new training schedule - Early morning and late evening.

- Berasap kaki!

8km = 42mins

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  • wah..light and easy run for 8km pun 42 minutes...kalau hang push, for sure lagi laju!!!

    aku sempat habis 8km in MMDS in 42 as well, tapi macam dah nak mampus lepas pedal 60km on my old le-run bike!

    By Blogger Stupe, at 10:38 am  

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