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Monday, 10 April 2006

April - Week2 Menu

02/04 Sunday
- Test ride a bike
- Home to Sungai Petani (Taman Jublee)
- Taman Jublee to Tupah and back home
- Distance: 50km
- No time recorded

03/04 Monday
- Bike: 30km
- Home - Semeling - Merbok - Singkir and U-turn.
- 1:05

04/04 Tuesday
- Run: 9.5km.
- Home to Thye Eng Plantation. Road and trail.
- Doing easy, after 3 weeks rest from running. Should start running within 3-4km... but 3-4km baru nak keluar peluh.
- Time: 43.34

05/04 Wednesday
- Bike: 30km
- Home - Semeling - Lembah Bujang and U-turn
- No time recorded

06/04 Thursday
- Run: 9.5km
- Home to Thye Eng Plantation. Road and trail.
- Time: 46.26
Thought want to do a bit fast.. but Alauddin insist to join me with his MTB. Betul2 kacau daun. Sometimes need push him while on trail and frequently stop for drinks. But... i love to have a accompany. Run and chat with him. Asking about his school, friends, teachers and anything came across. Cerita lembu, burung and alot of how's questions from him.

07/04 Friday
- Cuti / Rest for weekend workout.

08/04 Saturday (off-day)
- Bike to Office.
- Supervise project progress by vendor
- 13km x 2. No time recorded

09/04 Sunday
- My first run+bike workout.

Run: 10.5 - 11km. 47.13
Route: Home - Bendong - Taman Sinar Mentari (TSM)
Time: 24.35 + 22.37 (47.13 - Training PR)
Did training PR... peh! gumbira betul. At end of TMS got sign-post before U-turn to another route back home. Since last year my best timing until this point was 25.11 mins. That was on 28 Aug 2005 which I did a PR that day 25.11 + 22.27 = 47.38.

Since that.. betul2 eager do cross this post <25min. Byk kali try - fail. Until this morning. Gosh! i ran with smile after cross that post. Maybe bike help me for cross-training.

Transition: 3.58 (51.11)
Unlock the gate+door, pick-up a bike, wearing helmet, ambik wallet+hp, tutuh water - 1/2 bottle, set an alarm, lock the door+gate, tutuh water and roll!

Bike: 57km. 2:10 (3:02)
Route: Home - Semeling - Merbok - Yan kecik/besaq - Guar Chempedak - Gurun - Bedong and home. Around Gunung Jerai.
Time: 40km - 1:25 (2:16), +17km - 45.52 (3:02)

Already familiar with the route between home - Merbok. But Yan.. sh*t! got 3 high hillies. Habis lower gear used to kerabat bukit. Then another one.. then another one. Top speed down hill was 51km/h. Habis meleleh air turun ke kaki.

Up at 2nd hill. Stop for drink. Tengok laut kat bawah.. canteek.

Continue ride. Passing Yan Kecil/Besar, Guar Chempedak.. until Gurun. My speedo shown 40km. SPLIT!.

After 40km.. betul2 exhausted. Drinking water - kering. Was kayuh 20-18km/h on flat road. Can't tahan. Need a freshment. 100Plus. Stop at Petrol station. 3 mins for break+tutuh a 100Plus. Jalan kengkang. Bontot sakit. Another 1/2hour to reach home.

After a freshment, start kayuh at my normal flat road pace. 31-33km/h. And finally... sampai rumah.

Run 10.5-11km: 47.13
Transition: 03.58 (51.11)
Bike 40km: 01:25 (2:16)
Bike 17km: 45.52 (3:02)

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