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Monday, 3 April 2006

Bini # 2

For 3 weeks.. search for right bini. Tidoq tak lena, makan pun terpaksa, lari tak bergerak, googlekan dia whenever open the Mozilla. Ask for recommendation from ex-rider at my office. A lot of tasks pending because of reading review, info and comments thru the net.

Most of the review I read at

Then I shortlist 3 candidates base on 3 criteria.
1. Entry level
I’m a newbie. Never test ride on a road bike. So entry level is suitable, not too much technical thing. Having a computer background, I love to.. but not now – serabut kapla. I want a quick-setup.

2. Value for money
Subjective. Doesn’t mean cheaper but must be reliable. Give me a satisfaction and I dislike to go back to square. Still have value, if plan for trade-in.

3. Local
Of course laa… Easier for support and maintenance services. If.. could cover 24x7x52 + 3 years warranty labour and parts on-site and a first-party insurance like motorbike.

Bought at Penang. KetamBatu recommends the cycle shop. Without him sure kena sembelih.. but their services.. Marvellous! – They are expert and pro.

After bergaduh and bertengkaq finally the tauke gave more > 15% from tag price. Last week, ask for this price – tak dapat.

Sunday - Test ride >50km.

From home to Sg. Petani then to Tupah, to test low gear. Play-play with the gear up-down-up-down. Tik-tak-tik-tak. Wuihhh.. syiok siot

After 20km, kaki gatai + bontot sakit

Get down from bike and run with it for 3km. Ketagih! 3 weeks not running. Then @Semeling T junction, right - going back. Speedometer shown 40km, another 4km akan sampai rumah.

"Ceh.. awai lagik..cuaca pun ok"

Turn left to Tupah for hilly road. Had to use the lowest gear.. wish it got 10 gears. Sampai rumah. Sakit bontot. Sakit celah kangkang. Cuci sikit.. and had a breakfast in-front of it..

Hiss.. macam mana aku boleh terlibat dlm kancah-kancah perlumbaan ni

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