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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Training Week 3+4

23/5 Wed: Home - Thye Eng. 9km. 41.59 (4:29 @last 1km). Training PR.
24/5 Thu: Home - Semeling 10km. 47.42 (4:30 @last 1km).
An easy run, passing kampung town of Semeling.
26/5 Sat: Joy Run @Batu Feringghi. 10km. 48.41.

28/5 Mon: Home - Thye Eng. 9km. 43.13
30/5 Wed: Home - Thye Eng. 9km. 42.34
03/6 Sun: Bike. From kampung Sg. Baong, Penang to Bedong, Kedah. 82km.

@My kampung - Sg. Baong.
It was school holiday. Cikgu plan to balik Taiping with kids and i had to return to Bedong. Leave rejected. Had no choice we split at late evening after attended a kenduri at one of my kampung classmate (primary + secondary school).

Start kayuh late @5:00pm. Using old main road Sg. Bakap - Valdor - Spg Empat - Permatang Pauh - Into PLUS highway - exit Sg.Dua - Bagan Ajam - Kepala Batas - Tikam Batu - Eastern By-Pass and.. pheww Bedong. Stopped once at K.Batas for 100Plus.

Mengucap/syukur aku 10x once reached depan rumah. It was so dark after 7:30pm @K.Batas and Tikam Batu. At Eastern By-Pass an open area with paddy field on left & right, there were many bug-rogers (insects from paddy field) flying and attack on my face especially eyes. Can't see a thing. My bike not equip with flash-light and only hoping cars + bikes could see my bontot.

Reached Bedong @8:30pm, an hour away from my expectation and my maghrib saved - alhamduliah.

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  • Bang...kalau banyak bug-rogers..make sure tutup mulut jgn nga-nga.

    hari tuh ada sekor masuk mulut, bug-rogers tuh sempat gigit tepi bibir lagi...cis..

    By Blogger Stupe, at 2:56 pm  

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