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Monday, 21 May 2007


2 weeks i was in recovery mode since Larian Bendang and Century Ride. During that period i felt really "cemuih" and probably too tired train for both events a month before that. Aku tauk kasut and bike jauh2.. somewhere ceruk place in the kitchen and cover with cloth so that i could not see it.

Both shoes and bike.. still not clean yet.

On weekend.. i miss them alot. - Macam hantar bebudak balik kampung.

Did a family run on evening at un-open (to public) road near to MRSM Merbok. With Cikgu and Jasmin, we ran together. Alauddin as a feeding, cycling with a water bottle. I could see Jasmin could go far in endurance. She refuse to ride a bike with his bro, instead she choose to run with me. with Jasmin, we ran and chat while chasing Cikgu a half km in-front. We finished >3km and i had a good time with them.

Santai ride to Pantai Merdeka. With Reza, we started cycling from home for extra 20km before meet Brahim and Fauzi at Tikam Batu. At Pantai Merdeka.. we join >30 cyclists from Kulim for return.

Santai2 pun... it end up with 102km @1300H - arrrrgghh! kering!


Actually within 2 week of recovery/cemuih.. i did a mini marathon (10km run) selection for north region subsidiary companies on last Tuesday and I'm qualified to race in my conglomerate company sport day in June at KL.

First time they introduce a running event and first time i join conglomerate company sport day in 7 years.


Also... last two week ago, was an examination week for Alauddin.
Aku pon sama cuak while at office. Was thinking how he facing all the papers/subject writing in chinese.. except Bahasa Melayu.

He's good in writing but speaking and reading... need more expose.
Singing in bath room... huh! aku tak faham.

And last Friday.. his passed to me all the examination papers. Syukur.. alamduliah! He pass all the subjects. 3 subjects above 80% and the rest were above 90%. Fu-yoh!

Glad ours hardwork was paid-off. Cikgu was given extra tuition for him and i checking his homeworks including spelling and reading, everyday. Almost no TV for us on weekdays night except on Monday @10:30pm - Prison Break.

Thursday and Friday night, they are free.

As a reward.. We went to cinema for Spider-man 3 on last Friday night.

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  • woi.. jantung aku rhythm dah haywire sejak michael scofield back in action.. byk btol cabaran dia.. rasa nak pi tolong lah.. heheheh..

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 11:49 am  

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  • Share aku ada kat Utah. Bleh tukaq gerek lepas nih..

    By Blogger aharis, at 11:12 pm  

  • aku buleh rasa apa yg kau rasa.. aku pun dah cemuih tengok bike n kasut aku..

    dah 10 days tak buat apabende pun.. still in recovery mode a.k.a. malas mode.

    By Blogger bola2api, at 2:47 pm  

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