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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Ringkasan minggu lepas.

Last week legs still not permitted. Unable to jump into pool for leg therapy/ swimming. Along the weekday engaged with seminar, outstation works and worked late. I bring the swimming trunk daily but.. hampeh! +my google band was burned after i left inside car in open parking. Luckily i got backup - Alauddin's.

My swimming class not end yet. Still left another 5 session. The instructor always on the fly - being a tour manager. Usually to China, Hong-Kong or Taiwan. While he not around I’m practise my freestyle. Managed to swim 2 laps (not an olympic size) before tercugap2.. Pegang tebing for afew minutes and continue another 2laps. He said i need to be more relax/lembut habis so that i could swim longer.

We manage to swim race a lap together and i left behind only his height. I know he not 100% race with me. Just swam and observed my skill. Ya.. I got speed he said. But i need to practice more for endurance. To be able sustain long hour in water. Alauddin also join the swimming class too with his girlfriend under same instructor.

My in-law who was diagnosed cancer, undergo an operation on Thursday and i had rush to Taiping to accompany her. So last week i missed all events even-though i decide to be pom2 especially 50km ultra marathon on Friday. I planned to ride and cheer-up the SP Runners veterans. On Saturday.. pom2 again the 6km Run Race at Empangan Mengkuang, Bukit Mertajam and again a miss the 3rd Larian Valdor at my kampong. She is doing well right now.

Unable to do shoes test last week, to rectify whether i have own injuries or the shoes. More than a week i'm not training or slow jog. Still felt uncomfortable when stepping on left leg. The Kayano already clean like new and I still no mood put my foot inside.

I heard really bad news/organised events lately. Really-really bad one was Larian Merdeka Darulaman Jitra. I was informed.. first prize was slash from RM1500 to RM100 only. Only 1 category - Open. Open for every ages. Women category was cancel on the race day. All the elites went back frustrated + maki seranah.

At Larian Valdor, Alex said he and his peloton :P was direct to wrong route and end-up with no top finishing. Some of 8km category runners had to run more than 11km. I thought the event would be better this year...

Probably they overlook something and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes and also runners complain.


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