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Monday 19 October 2009

Result: Cendana Hikathon 2009

It is an annual event. As i remember they never miss a single year. But this is my first time, took part as a training for Genting Trailblazer.

Full report and photos will be post in couple of days.

Top3 Winners for each category

Finished in 16th

I managed to capture only Men Open. Other categories... Untie2 tuh too shy to display for me.

p/s: Click on pics for XL size.


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  • First time got 16th placing with
    1hr 10min? Wow,that's very good! I am a bit jealous! I was kind of slow but I also really enjoyed this event, plan to come back. (P/S : Compare to Hikathon Laksamana, also organized by PAC long time ago, H-Laksamana was very much tougher : the time limit was 5 hours, and a certain % of participants couldn't finished it within the time limit, but I enjoyed that even too, unfortunately PAC don't organize this Hikathon anymore! And I miss it!)

    By Blogger Island Folk, at 2:03 am  

  • Island Folk,
    U also did the CH last sunday?! Haiya... So keciwa not taken photo wt u. I love laksa there.

    PAC need to something. Not many runners join the event.

    5h trail run?!.. sound very tough.

    By Blogger aharis, at 10:33 am  

  • Haris, the Hikathon Laksamana (16km), even much tougher than CH, but there were 800 to 1000 participants (and some year even slightly over 1000), and on first come first serve basis, so if anybody was late for registration, then PAC would ask he/she to join the following year. I must said PAC is an experienced organizer, just don't know why the participants was so much lesser than previous events. Actually I prefer this CH event than the yearly Kwang Wah Penang Hill Hike, simply because it's more fun!!!

    Hehehe......... you don't have to be keciwa..... and it was our PLEASURE to take photo with you... You already seen me and hubby... hahaha....

    By Blogger Island Folk, at 7:47 pm  

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