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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Report: Putrajaya Global Diabetes Walk

By Aiman

Venue: In front of Palace Of Justive
Date: 14 November 2009
Distance: 5km

I came to know about the event through Starmetro dated 11 Nov. I called the number given on the following day. I was told that the closing date was 12th November. I asked the person in charge to fax me the form as my students would definitely join me.

However, she told me that they have achieved the targeted 1000 participants but allow me to join the walk - minus t-shirt. It was okay for me since the registration was free. She took down my particulars and given me my lucky number - 1032 and told me to see her personally to collect the number - Siti Nur Afza.

On the walk day, I made my way to Putrajaya. Meet her and took my number. No walking number or t-shirt for me. By 7.00 a.m., the warm up session began. It was quite on time. The flag-off should be at 7.00 a.m. After the warming up session, the walk began immediately. Just before flag-off, Siti Nur Afza passed me the t-shirt. To late to change as I was already at the starting line. I put on the walking number 566 and kept the t-shirt.

There was no good walkers around. So I thought I had a chance. I was told the winners will be given prizes. I was ahead by the 500m mark and was keeping up with teenaged joggers. Soon, by the time to make a U-turn, after 1km plus, the chasing pack overtook me.

I struggled a bit to keep up with them. Could still overtake some of them before the end of the 5km race. With my bib 566, I was mistaken for the 50 and above group. I was told I was number 2. I went to the 18-49 category and told them I am only 42!

Never mind about the prize. I was given certificate of participation and breakfast pack. Went to the bench to cool down. Then I saw Abdul Wahid. The announcer was telling that the 2nd person in 50 and above group was finishing and to my surprise, Abdul Wahid went for an extra loop. He must have been frustrated! He is certainly of no match to the others....

A few years back, I could not keep up with him too. Well, after two consecutive races - Genting Trailblazer and Malaysian Open Masters where participants show great sportmanship I had to contend with two consecutives poor sportmanship - SSL Diabtes Walk and Putrajaya Global Diabetes Walk.

Anyway, I still got a prize for diabetes quiz. Not too bad as I had to leave early. The lucky draw prizes were great but alas not my 'rezeki'. Went home on time to take my wife to UNITEN for her examination.

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