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Thursday 25 March 2010

Report: Bareno Run

By Aiman Cheah

Event: Bareno Run 2010
Venue: Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 14 March 2010 | 7.00 a.m.
Category: 15km Junior Veteran

I had signed up for this race when I collected my New Balance 30km Run back in January. I only realised that I had opted for the 15km run when Hafis (CAR113) asked me which category I would be running during race pack collection on Friday. Oh dear, how would I fare in the race?

Hardly had training. I had practically forced myself to run on Saturday
albeit only for 4.2km and walking for 2.1km. I took about 33 minutes to
complete the 4.2km race.

I was a little bit tired on race day. My target was just to finished the race in one piece - 2 hours would do. However, I surprised myself with such a 'good' race. I started off well. Thanks to Appalaidoo who managed to psyche me. Running behind him, I had a good feeling.

It was close to my normal pace when I was fit. It was amazing. I took a cup of water at the first water station. I stopped and took power gel at the second water station only to find out that it was only about 7.5km. Oh, oh.... wrong race strategy. It would be best to do so at the 10th km.

I caught up with some of my Chap Ayam runners. That must be very encouraging! I also overtook Ryan Teoh (PM17) before Bukit Jalil Park. Mr Lee Yee Sum(PM12) was just about 10m in front of me before entering the Park. I knew I would not last the pace but would be very happy if I could at least maintained the pace for 10km.

I began to walk and jog in the park and others started to overtake me. I felt it would be a great waste as only 100 medals were offered for my category. If I could at least 'protect' my position, I would definately get one.

The horror began just before the traffic lights after coming out of Bukit Jalil Park. I had a sharp pain on my left calf. Signal to slow down and immediately the right knee began to hurt. I had to reduce speed and in fact I stopped and walked many times.

Ryan Teoh overtook me and I knew he would finish strongly as usual. I was very relieved when I reaced Bukit Jalil Secondary School. I manged to jog all the way to the finishing line. No more burst of speed as I used to do.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a finishing card which showed number 37! Number 37 in 1:20:34. That was a very good timing considering my physical fitness. It was also my best race this year. On the positive note, I could have done some 10 minutes faster had I been fitter.

I should remain positive on my fitness as the Malaysian Masters is expected to be held in May. My aim would still to at least fight for the last podium finish as I expect a stronger field this year.

This year must be the craziest year for me - able to complete a 30km and 15km run with only a 4.2km mileage a week! It may give me the confidence in future but certainly not a recommended thing to do. I had sore muscles for two days after the 15km race which I had never experienced before when I had enough training.

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