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Thursday 15 August 2013

Report: Run For Sight 2013

By Aiman Cheah

Date: 10 March 2013 | Sunday | 7:00am
Venue: Central Park, Bandar Utama
Category: Open | 5km
Team-mate: Lee Choon Foo
Position: 6-10
Time: About 18 minutes

It is good to see a good turn out. Probably a lower entry fee of RM50 per team compared to RM80 per team last year attracts more participants. Also the venue could be a factor.

My partner was already waiting for me when I reached there. As usual there would be warming up session and briefing.

Run For Sight 2013
Warming up

Before the end of the warming up session, I asked my partner to go to the starting line so that we could start at pole. I was surprised that we were not starting at pole position when I saw the pictures. I was in
front when I put on the blindfold. Shall I say that there are selfish participants who just came to the front and pushed you to the back.

Run For Sight 2013
I was hidden. My partner wore a white cap - Mr Lee Choon Foo.

It was amazing that the participants could run so fast at the start of the race. We were quickly left behind before I could start my normal running pace.

It was quite scary listening to the cars whizzing past....but according to my partner, the cars were at least five feet away from our side. That was not too comfortable. My sense of hearing became more sensitive when being blindfolded.

My partner said we were probably in sixth position going back into the park but the 5th team was already too far ahead. There was no way to catch up with them as Mr Lee was already panting. Well, just a charity
race... stroll and complete the race.

The race was very much under distance. The winners' times were fantastic as you can see at

I would probably return for the race next year if Mr Lee is still keen. Getting a partner is no easy task.

Pictures courtesy of Run-For-Sight-Blindfold's Facebook

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