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Tuesday 19 October 2004

Report: KRI 10km Road Race

From Left - Ronnie, Chen, Me, KetamBatu & Becholi
Second time running in Ipoh after IIR04, first time running in the 17th of KRI 10km Road Race for 17th Anniversary of KRI on the 17th of October 2004, it was in fasting month. Wow! What a lucky #17... and again, able to finish below target + re-new my 10km PR.

Really had fun that day, the event well organise, running route free from cars, got distance maker, roads junction were supervise by committee members, boots full of drinks, breakfast, bananas, kuih pau!, powerbar products and the T'shirt... awesome!. It's a coolmax type (kinda Nike: Dri-fit, keep your skin dry while running). To add more fun, my target to finish under 50mins achieved. That, the best thing and my main mission to KRI.

Although most of us are fun or recreation runners but when it goes to run event, target should be setup to aim. Push your body limit to gain more stamina and to run more distance. It really feel good when finished and clocked below target, make me forget about medal for a millisecond laa... but before 1km to finish line, in my mind "target, medal.., target,, medal.." got medal, sapu laaa...

Reach Ipoh at 3:30pm, went around Ipoh town almost 1 1/2hour looking for "Polo Ground".. Check on the map.. none! Check on road sign-board.. none!. Ask bellboy at Heritage Hotel for a direction... and i found "Padang Lumba Kuda"

"Maybe they play polo inside Padang Lumba Kuda kot"

Park my car beside road, luckly got Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh proudly put summon to cars at no parking area... so i blah find another parking space... Finally i found that Polo Ground is "Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz"! laa.. ceh! road sign board bersepah...

A day before. Setting up Finish Line After pickup bib# B01

Got registered pick-up goodies & my bib# was B01.. wow! The free t'shirt also not bad got 3 designs to choose. Think retail price is more > RM60. So rugi sapa tak pi!.

Race day! Warming Up! and start da engine!

@Race day
Came early and drink alot of water before subuh (dawn). After that no more meals for puasa. Slow jog and warm-up around "Polo Ground". 7:30am, with 868 runners participated in 10km road race flag-off by KRI's chairman Mr. Choong. Slow jog for 1km and use same running plan in Larian Perbandaran. Pass Becholi and looking for KetamBatu as he was ran fast in-front.

Bang! run! I tengah tidoq kat belakang..
*pics from KetamBatu

Pass Heritage hotel and after that don't know what road it goes.. As i remembered it were high profile taman houses. Pass 5km mark, stopwatch shown 23mins. While running, meet-up some familiar faces, the guy who were peeing beside road at Larian Perbandaran. Forgot to thanks him for layur me to do KRI. Another one is a malay pakcik, who chatted with me at 18km-19km in IIR04.

Along the route got a lady with her daugther in Proton car who were cheering-up the runners. Instead cheering-up her hubby, other runner were not forgotten. Honk from the car to runners and keep shouting. Really make me turbo a bit. Pass 7km mark, run out of LNG already, as i ran fast for first 5km, just maintain the pace after 8km.

Pass Padang Lumba Kuda, get into Jalan Woodward (i guess) and see "1km More to Finish Line" banner... my stopwatch shown 45mins! Still got time to finish under 50mins... just maintain the pace until the cross finish line, and finally I clocked for new 10km PR at 49.23mins and medal as a bonus!

Burrr!@Finish Line.. frankly
Try to maintain my puasa, try to calm down, stay away from crowd.. from water actually, for 5mins... i can't stand up, my head spining gasing and thinking about i will be driving back alone to Bedong, Kedah.. I'm not risking my life... so i need to recharge... need LNG replacement... BISMILLAH..

Some pics at KRI..

Finish Line.. penuh dgn belon Kuih Pau!.. Ayeq Livita!.. PowerGel! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.. 8 lagi! Don't who is.. hopefully this pic dpt masuk National Geographic

p/s: First time i won a lucky draw in running event. Dapat stock powerGel & powerBar more than enough for Mahathir Marathon on Nov04.

Quote :-
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