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Wednesday 13 April 2005

Report: Hong Leong Run

Saturday: Hong Leong Run Banner at Bandar Laguna MerbokWake up late at 6am, should be at Padang Bandar on 6.30am. Last night pekena teh tarik with Najib until 12am. A runner from Nibong Tebal. First time meet him at Metro run who got 2nd position.

6.45am at Padang Bandar Laguna Merbok.
Quickly, take-out 114 t'shirts and bib no. for my company colleagues. The Company Sport Committee decide to distribute the t'shirt and bib on the race day otherwise may be they will not show up. Luckily got an office mate volunteer to help for distribution. So, i got time for myself to warm-up. Decide to give full throttle.

Re-cycle collection
Kalut ambik baju & bib no
The Volunteer - TQ
Kalut ambik baju & bib no
Kalut ambik baju & bib no

Can say, more that 100 company colleague came pick-up the tshirt and join the run.
And i'm so shock that the CEO also "turun padang" and join run with us. On friday before, seem 2-3 colleagues cancel their participation so i need to find a replacement. Just gave to CEO the tshirt and lucky draw coupon thru his secretary as a souvenir.

Let the volunteerer distribute to the late colleagues, start to warm-up abit, ran around the shops lot for 10mins. Saw a Japanese expatriate Plant Manager (JPM) with red short, chatting with others colleagues.

After light aerobic exercise for 20mins, the charity run flag-off!.
Didn't tried before, full throttle on starting
Think should try once...

My target, to run again under 5min/km. Like i did at KRI 10k road race on October last year. The route course mentioned, men category cover 8km and women 5km. But after drove a car thru the route, less 500meter or 7.5km only.

I was really exhausted. My breath sound so loud. Was start thinking to walk. A lot of runners over-took me.
The army geng and Khidmat Negara geng - Sudah potong.
Feel like sayur kobih jeruk!.
Try to enjoy the scenery, looking at big-big houses there, the women

- "Woi! 7km mah! Mau enjoy apa lagi!"
- "Ya..ya..yahh.. target.. target!"

Pass the on-going construction site house area. Lot of Indonesian/construction workers cheer-up and pom-pom us.
Suddenly the JPM potong me - Think, he didn't recognize me, wearing the track bottom with my usual running vest.
- "Hantu betul!.. Orang tua ni"
Maintain my pace to normal speed, first 2km sudah pecut gila..

The route was straight for 1km, pass the play-ground, thru double storey houses. A few army youths potong me.. The army send full load of 6 trucks for this run - Gila! patut depa dikecualikan I/C lain. The JPM, already far in-front, recognized by his red short.

The tents already can be see with a load music...
But for Men category, the marshals direct us to do another loop. Again pass the double storey houses. The houses area was so quiet, may be today is Sunday (Working day for Kedah) got no resident or kids pom2 us.

Most of the non-runners, already take a short-cut. Walking, chatting and laughing with each other.. guess they really enjoy run/walk exercise.
Still struggled with my pace.. increased the pace abit

200meter more,
Looked at stopwatch, start counting the second with full speed..
- "..20, 21, 23.... 55, 56!, 57!!, 58!!!, 59!!!!, 0!!!!, 1!!!! and 2!!!!"! penat! gila! - Water?!! mana ayeq!!

The CEO finished the run
Modenas' women representative
JPM (with red short) and I

After the run
I did 35.02 min for 7.5km.
Target: 8km < 40min (<5min/km)
Actual: 7.5km = 35.02min
My pace/km was 4.40
Ok la tuh! No medal.. fine.
Already archived target - Puashati.

For second time, i won a lucky draw - A discount rate for aerobic class :P

The SP Runners family pics
Najib got 13th position
Me and Najib

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