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Sunday 3 July 2005

Report: Cinta Sayang 2005

May be this run report was already basi.. anyway, i want to highlight improper of run organize by Cinta Sayang committee. I was too busy along last week handled one of IT/Security project.

Hope, my comments and critics could help those, who are planning to organise a basic run event for a first time. The Cinta Sayang: Jogathon Hidup Sihat (CS:JHS) was over..I don't need to screw up people around.

As usual like last year, the CS:JHS start with aerobic exercise to warm-up at 7.35am. The crowded had fun doing it. Most of participants were school children. But for the runners, they so excited too start. Keep looking at their stopwatches. The sun nearly to rise.

Ah Chew and Thean Seng warm-up. Behind, company expatriate - He already did 4km before race start

The registration booth still open. Looks like a well-organise event. Last year free running t'shirt in yellow color, but this year.. red and the same logo printed behind.
- Huh! Red Army..

I was registered for 8km. Looking at map before run. 4km inside CS and 4km outside. From CS entrance/Main-Security-Post to T junction in front of Maybank to T junction at Food Court and turn to CS. For 4km category. They need to finish the run inside the CS.
- Where is Food Court? – May be got signboard there..

Me and Najib tengah "gaduh"

Did a war-up with SP Runners, Najib (+ his junior), BM runners and company expatriate. Run target, was easy run... but i'm already rest for 3 days before.
- Mau buat easy run lagi kaaaa...

The Army team

Line-up for 8km at Starting Line

Line-up for Kids category at Starting Line

Damn! faster than my cam

8.05am, 8km flag-off late base on my stopwatch.. err may be mine 5mins fast kot. For first 4km inside the CS, the road course really familiar. It’s a monthly training location for SP Runners.

First 2km - did an easy run. Pass the big-big bungalows.

3km-4km, increase a speed abit. Most of the sayur-sayuran already behind except the usual running enemy who still got big stone inside their head.. continue their run.
- Woit! walking laa.. and let me potong.

Before exit from CS entrance/Main-Security-Post, a marshal gave sign for runners to exit and head to Taman Ria Jaya

About 5.5km, A Check-point at second T junction in-front of Maybank. The marshal gave rubber-band. Turn left and continue run follow runners in front. He ahead of me about 150metre. My mind start calculated the timing using default value.

10km = 50mins
1km = 5mins
8km = 5mins x 8 = 40mins

Before reach a T junction at Paya Nahu, one of runner potong me.. - ZZaaasssss
While running he kept looked behind 4-5 times. Then i notice his green color bib number.
- Hey! he is 4km category... why run here?

I was puzzled, why no marshal after first checkpoint. Here got alot of junctions, roads and runners can easily take a shortcut. No signboard or road signs for CS run. There were a few runners kept following me...
- Betul kot.. jalan aku lari nih.. Depan and belakang ada runners.. Betul la.

Until reach\ Paya Nahu T junction. I know, if i turn right.. will go to somewhere else and my stopswatch shown 33mins. I should reach before 40mins. Turn left.
- I'm already melelong.

..Running.. until a Food Court. Saw alot of runners came from my left junction
- Woittt! how could they came from this junction.. Do they cheat or i'm running in wrong route course...

So.. thinking i running in right route and to fcuk the cheaters (..i thought.. but among them got real cheaters). I change to turbo boost. Speed like hell. Like no more running in my life. It was the fastest 1km i did. Potong 2 sayur which i never thought i could over-take them since at the Checkpoint.

Najib, cross the finish line. Mine... my cam run out of batteries - aduhhh..

At finish line, got 11th position card. First word came out at finish line "Depa tipu..."

I was running in wrong road course and extra a ++kilometer. Anyway.. for a moment i'm happy with position and told my wife and kids i won a prize after registered my name at prize-desk.

An hour later while waiting prize ceremony.. i was inform medals only for 1-8th.
- Ceh! buang karan.. pack my stuff.. terus blah!

Najib Jr. got 5th and Najib Sr. got 8th - like father like son hah..

1. Route map was confuse. Incompleted, Not drawn in actual road junction.
- Suggest: Different category road course (4km and 8km) should highlight in different color

2. Only one Check Point and a marshal waiting at out-side CS. There alot of junctions.
- Suggest: Put a marshal /checkpoint every junctions. Don't expect runners understand the road map. There are people can't read map properly and some of them were not local. Even local like me also.. lost!

3. Put a sign-board along the road or spray/mark it on the road
- Suggest: Every 2-3km or between junction to junction

4. A void to much junctions and busy roads

5. Certificate: Come laa... we're not kids, even school children also can evaluate the certificate quality. A plain green color paper printed in color printer. Know laa.. to cut cost..

6. Prize-desk, should register only winners name. So winner-to-be have to wait in vain.. waiting and hoping somebody to disqualified.

7. Create reasonable category. 8km: 19yr - 34yr, 4km: 35yr - above.
- Suggest: 8km - Open, 4km - Open.

8. Registration fee too expensive - RM15

9. Should organise/prepare a better run event - CS:JHS not a first time. I participated last year. If CS:JHS is annual event, Cinta Sayang Resort better do post-mortem or else the number of participations will reduce year by year.

Family photo at pool

Company expatriate Nagaro-san, Najib, Thean Seng, Kim Chye, Me and Ah Chew

There were alot-lot of unsatisfied stories from runners in Cinta Sayang 2005.. but let it be history. My legs already kaput because of turbo speed and rest for 4 days
- Sakit kaki and hati.

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