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Thursday 9 March 2006

Report: KLIM 2006

Take-off to KL after pick-up 10 SP runners at their home by chartered van. Everybody seems very excited. One of them will do his first marathon. Usually he is talkative person but along the way – tak banyak cakap. Sepatah tanya, sepatah jawap.

@ Brickfield KL. Kedarah. They stop at Chinese Restaurant – Hantu betul! Terkontang-kanteng aku cari malay stalls 1/2hour pusing area tu. Penuh dengan kedai India. Lastly end up at KFC. Pundek.

@ Wisma OCM. Collect bib#. Depa terkezut. They thought i’ll be running full. They registered my name in Full category since 2 months ago. This group haaaa.. memang gila marathon. No marathon no go. Depa peleceh aku..
"Okay this week.. come on join me run+climb Jerai Mount – trail run!"
Everybody silence...

These veterans runners, their just love + enjoy running marathon and no concern about timing – Finish sudah. But for me… I like both. Enjoy the run and setting the target. Double enjoy. For them marathon is the hardest. - Agreed!

But how about dualthlon, triathlon or ironman?.
..I changed the topic..
"Petang ni kita pi KLCC?"

Achieved a target, Is not accomplishment. It is a beginning to set next target. = Improvement

Check-in at Hotel Grand Central, Jalan Ipoh Kecil. 4 rooms (2 x 2pax + 2 x 3pax). Comfortable. Perform jamak.

@KLCC – ronda2. Bought a trail running shoes at I-Syaitan. Offer 50% discount. Last kopek. No size. Only US 10 1/2. Need it for off-road training, SKN and KK. Adidas Savage model 2005. Maybe kaki sakit pasai Pegasus kecik kot..

@ Petaling street. Ronda2. Others having dinner at Chinatown. Already know their tactic, had dinner earlier at KLCC food court. Terserempak dgn N.. tercangak-cangak cari apa aku pun tak tau… Lalu depan mata dia pon dia tak nampak. Jumpa ApekPG + Alex.

Balik hotel, jamak, borak2 + tutuh pisang x 3.

@ Dataran Merdeka. Join marathon runners’ excitement. Snap photos during flag-off at 5am. >1000 ran for full.

Waiting for Half at 6:30am
Sakit perut! Gila!!.. mobile toilet ada satu saja. Luckily 5:30am. Too early. Not congested yet.

Flag-off of Half category. Standing in the middle of the crowd.

Nothing interested to wrote in my Half this time.

As usual my right leg start giving a bit pain. Really kacau daun. Just put my mp3 player. High volume. Enough to put me from listening outside sound, including my own breath and traffic. I know.. too dangerous to do that if you doing training run. Just follow runners in-front and tailing. Overtook while can.

Why i do that?.. To divert my mind from thinking of leg ache. Kept listening to Men at Work, INXS and Sting. I know i ran damn slow than expected. While crossing 10km mark, my stopwatch shown 48mins - Arrggg... timing lari dah. Expect to cross in 45mins.

Grab and tutuh powergel at 10km mark. Stay quiet. Not talking to anybody since start. Listen to INXS then Sting - King of Pain (Unpluged with Alanis Morisette). Hisss.. pulun lagi.

At Jalan Lapangan Terbang into KL town, try increased my pace. Don't know.. rasa macam dah laju dah. Probably 12km, can't tahan already. Muka sudah keredut macam kulum buah keduak. Buat bodo... terus lari.

Jumpa fun runners group. Maybe finish line not far. Then N kelui aku. Bla..bla.. blaaaa. Terus aku pederas. Want to finish quickly. At Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, saw KLIM tents. Time 1:40mins, speed some more to ligan 1:45mins target. Then the marshal direct me to do another loop into Jalan Raja Laut - Cilakak. Engine slow-down to mach 1, target hancus and slow-jog.

Pick-up blue ribbon, continue into Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and cross finish line at 1:48:43 base on my stopwatch. Rasa kaki mau tercabut. Jalan pun tak betul. Hah! teruk punya timing.

Changed. Took back the luggage. Get refeshment and distribute >100 copies of Larian Bendang Form at Chip refund tent. Then wait for all SP runners finished. Pose sana, pose sini, candid sana, candid sini - Balik hotel.

My official result
Bib#: F0189
Category Ranking: 100
Total Half Ranking: 161
Official time: 1:49:46
Chip time 21km: 1:48:44
Chip time 10km: 0:48:02
Own stopwatch: 1:48:43

Full KLIM 2006 Result

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