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Wednesday 25 April 2007

Training: Week3 April07

Mon: Run. Home - Thye Eng. 9km. ?
Tue: Bike. Home - Off - Gurun - Bdr Laguna Merbok. 48km
Wed: Bike. Home <-> Off. 24km. Run. 3.5km
Thu: X
Fri: X
Sat: Run. Home - TSM - Thye Eng - Home. 19km. 1:33
Sun: Bike. SgPetani <-> A.Star. 130km

Total run = 31.5km
Total bike = 202.5km

2nd simulation for Bendang and Century Ride. Doing 19km from home - Tmn Sinar Mentari (TSM) - pekan - Thye Eng Plantation - AIMST and back home.

An easy run started at 7:15am. Placed a water bottle at Thye Eng junction, by time i return from TSM to Thye Eng junction i will cover 10km. Enough for me to basah my rengkong for another 9km more.

Just an easy run, enjoy the morning scenery in pekan, main road, taman houses, hutan kelapa barli and bendang.

Finished in 1:33mins. Kaki - OK.

The menu was kayuh from Dewan Kenangan, Sungai Petani to Taman Rimba, Alor Star. Will be cover 100km+. There were 6 of us. Reza, Rafee, Art, Fauzi and Brahim the tok ketua, preparing for Century Ride, Ipoh on 6th May.

Target.. must be >100km

After 4km just to exit from SP town, meet-up with 4 young cyclists age 14-17 from Bagan/Butterworth. They escort with their trainer. Kitaorg racun depa suruh ikut kita pi Alor Star. Depa agreed. So 10 of us kayuh together..

fuh! best betul kayuh ramai. Yang slow jadi laju.

But that last only for 20km. Can't tahan. Aku cabut while climbing the hill at Pewaja Steel and speeding for 10km, 20km and reach Taman Rimba, Alor Star in 2:06.

Taman Rimba - The drop zone.
Tutuh breakfast and refreshment. The young cyclists not familiar with A.Star town, they got lost when searching for Taman Rimba. Luckily Reza went for rescue.

Balik.. using same route. Aku ride behind the group. Follow their pace.

Reaching SP, Art was hit by a Police lorry. - Hantu betul! Loklak punya drebar. Polisss tuu.. Nasib baik cuma cedera ringan. A bit scratches on hand. But the bike's gear had problem.

<500metre to end point, my rear tyre got puncture, Malaih nak tukar tube.. just pushing the bike to the car.

It was noon that time. Aku lapaq nasik.

Next week.. easy ride to Gunung Inas, Baling. - Merangkak..
Meh.. ikut kitaorg.

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