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Tuesday 1 May 2007

Fun Ride @Alor Star

A new bicycle shop was open in Alor Star. Located at a new shopping complex Souq Al-Bukhary Commercial Centre (SABCC) selling racing bikes and parts including MTB.

As openning ceremony of new outlet, the owner organized a recreation ride from the SABCC to Jitra. It was a fun ride open to all type of bikes.

The route covered Stadium Darulaman - General Hospital - Alor Star Airport - Kubang Pasu - Jitra and U-turn back to SABCC.

The event attracted number of level riders including Kedah MSN team, basikal tua, MTB and roadbikes. More 300 riders registered (no fee) and non-registered start at starting line.

While kayuh passing the General Hospital, I heard a happy-go-luckily with loud laughing voice which i not listen to for a long time.
"Zul?!.. Wooittt hang Zul?!!"

Another friends of mine named Zul...

An old friend which i lost contact for 4-5years. We're having a long chat while riding. He just started kayuh 2-3years ago to loose some weight. Exchange about our family life and of course laugh alot.

The group stop at Kubang Pasu and wait for other riders with basikal tua and MTB. After 15mins of waiting, we continue heading to Jitra in large group. Habis 1 lane jalan kitaorang guna.

@Jitra, we stop at another bike shop - REDFlag, for re-freshment and 100Plus. Some of riders went for breakfast. I meet-up number of familiar runner faces who turn bike for x-training.
"Tukaq pi basikal plak ka?"
"Lari lagi best.." said Zamri from Jitra who will run in half category in this coming Larian Bendang .

Yep! agreed. I still love running. An hour of running.. peluh gila, compare to cycling. Somehow i don't have alot of time to ride except on Sunday. - Takat 30-40km mana stim.

At 16km, U-turn back to SABCC. From Kubang Pasu we heading thru jalan Hutan Kampung one of Bendang route before redah masuk batas bendang padi on this Saturday.

Jalan sempit/1-lane road. Marshall asking riders to ride on left allow cars to overtake.

500metre more, jalan cantek so i starting speeding until SABCC and my speedometer shown 35km.

Before balik the organizer kind enough to give us a t'shirt and water bottle each.

With Alor Star group

A guy from Kulim (ceehh.. forgot his name) and Reza

Waiting for starting gun

Basikal tua - Laju siot.

Zul racing with basikal tua

Passing Alor Star Airport

Heading to Kubang Pasu

Orang biasa... basikal tua..

Waiting other friends at @Kubang Pasu

The Peloton

Team MSN Kedah

A pit-stop @Jitra.

A can of 100Plus for refreshment

End at Soud Al-Bukhary Commercial Centre


Queue for consolation gift

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