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Monday 3 September 2007

Report: Larian Ria

The banner. Organized by MCA and BM Dam Runners Club

That's it! I give him a second chance. No more after this. But this time it will not on him. He will rest and watch his brother. It is simulation to prove whether he is culprit or i having my own injuries. Each time he caused me to rest more days until i had no mood to go out for running/training.

Yesterday (Sunday) i ran Larian Ria at Bukit Mertajam. No planning. Just went to registration booth, jot down my name, pinned the bib and line-up at starting line in-front of abandoned shopping complex.

As i remembered.. @this shopping complex, my elder brother belanja all of his brothers and sister shopping for hari raya for the first time on his first year working after went back from oversea. I got 2 pair of tee and pants.. branded. And cost him RM200-250 per person. We also bought something for our beloved mom... who couldn't came together. Buat kuih raya - arrrrk.. make me start to meleleh ayeq mata.

Ok!. While waiting for flag-out, i was approached by one regular blog visitors - Zainol who worked at Penang. Glad to know he and his friends join this race because of form @my blog.

Another one.. a young guy but he didn't mention his name.

Since Larian Jerai 2 week ago.. I just doing once training run on last sunday - <8km. After that he caused me to rest the whole week.

First km after flag-off, legs still ok. I could felt.. free from any uncomfortable. My running was smooth. We run through Bukit Mertajam town. Traffic smooth. Probably it was Sunday and early morning. But weather - not promising.

15min of running.. body felt exhausted, legs getting tired. Strangely I was thinking to pinned out the bib# and u-turn - walk back to starting line. Start car engine and balik. Really!. 90% of my physical support it but 10% of kepala hotak decline.

Heavily rain start pouring down while taking a U-turn route. Shoes getting heavy. Can't control the legs/steps and ran into pool of water on the road although I had seen/aware of it before.

More runners sayur me back. I know I'm too slow. Not on par and I could not increase pace anymore. @Sekolah Kim Sen... i could not tahan. I stop. And walk – WALK!!.

It only 30mins of running and my left leg hurt badly especially my calf. Two runners sayur me while walking - Pundek.

For me.. once walking. It always run-walk-run-walk until finish line. seem that it's 8km run event, so by <10mins i should reach the finish line. Slowly I decide to start run w/out walking. Trying to chase the two runners in-front

Overtook one @Hospital. Still raining. Had to run thru cars while heading to Balai Polis. The front runnner still running strong. Last corner @Post Office, 200m more to finish line he speeding. Create more gap between us but suddenly he start walking. Tunggu lagik?!... potong lar...

And they gave me position card - 10th. Wuhooo!

Lucky me. It was last medal for Open category. Probably pm1 said was right, the der_pacemaker vest that I worn bring me a good luck. Same situation happen to me at Joy Run @Penang. Anyway.. there were no kakis. Some of them went to Penang for Larian Mesra Tanjong and the locals elite went to KL.

While waiting for medal ceremony.. I'm sitting alone. Mulut muncung. I was thinking about my left leg and Kayano. What was wrong on my running just now. Is it my kaki?.. but I could walk/warm-up free w/o injuries before flag-off. Is it the Kayano?.. hey! This is the best running shoes. OK! and i still hutang for it.

Itu medal nasib baik saja. If everything was ok.. I should done better.

I will do another test next week. A test, whether my leg or shoes. I will run Larian Valdor with Pegasus 2005. Same simulation like last week - No training run this week and 3 times jump into pool.

Hopefully injury free by Sunday.

Early morning. Pasukan Rela line-up to control the traffic.

At starting and finish line. Waiting for flag-off

Camera-women tak mai. @Finish line.

Another der_pacemakers member behind?

@Finish line

@Finish line

Infront of abandoned shopping complex

Last straight <200meter

Lucky draw. Motocycle, TV x 3, washing machine, MTB but none of them was mine

Milo lorry

Top3 women categories

Alex won 2nd in veteran

10th. Lucky me.

Top3 Men categories

I have seen his name everywhere. @PM1, @ZulAzlan, running results. Very fast. Thought to meet him someday and today is the day. Hamidon Mat Aris. Who approached me before flag-off. Came all the way from Putrajaya by motocycle!

Full result for each category.
Click on the image for larger view.

Category A and B

Category C and D

Category E and F

Finishers sequence

1st - 62th and 63th - 130th
Actually i was 26th. The 26th on the paper was 25th. - Tertukaq.


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