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Wednesday 24 October 2007

Report AIMST Unity Run

AIMST (Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology) Unity Run was held on 20 October, a week after raya aidilfitri at permanent campus in Semeling. They just moved from temporary campus at Amanjaya to Semeling early this year. Beside a running event, there also a carnival event such as games, paintball, student food stalls, exhibition from sponsorship and student dancing.

I think.. what they trying to do is to attract local people/public to visit their new university, new facilities and course offered. But they lack of promotion compare to number of sponsorship. Mostly all the visitors came that day were runners. Even i can said that i'm the one.. wakil from Taman Semeling Indah which locate only 1.5km. At afternoon, after medals award and lucky draw... left only their staffs and students.

The distance is not exactly stated in the form. 7km+ for 10km Open and 5km+ for 7km categories. Start infront of Sport Complex and heading new road (eastern by-pass) until t-junction before Merbok bridge, that's for Open category. And for veteran + junior categories.. cover only half of Open category route.

After raya celebration i managed to do 2 training runs, once during 3rd raya day at LG (Lake Garden) and 2 days before race day. So i put no target even medal pon sudah padam from my kepala-hotak. Finish it and get fit back for Powerman is my motif. Even before start they said >60 runners registered in Open. Penuh dengan geng india - habih dah.. dah la baru nak start lari lepaih sebulan posa.

Legs.. abit not comfortable, especially on my left. I decide to try again my Asics Kayano 13 on previous training run (2 days before race). Before.. my training run at LG with Pegasus, gave no probs to my legs. Until race day morning.. left leg start giving ache kat perut betis. - Takpa!. I gave 3rd/last chances for this shoes.

As usual after flag-off i ran selow. But starting musti dok depan. Mana tau kot2 ada reporter kaa.. tak pon camerawomen aku. @2km after passing AIMST main gate, I could saw <30 runners infront. Including the women and U-students category. Chance for medal still open wide. Increased the pace after saw 4 runners of Open cat group. - Bestnyer potong depa sekali guih.

Running route.. cantek. Straight. New. Less traffic. 2 lanes of flat road. Passing 3 t-junction/traffic-lights. @13mins of running, elite runner sudah u-turn and pass me by. @17mins reach a U-turn. Sip abit a plain water. Left leg start giving abit pain and i had to slow the pace to avoid injuries. My mind thinking of Manjung.. a memorable place for me and cikgu.

Could saw only 2 Open runners. An indian and Thean Seng (SP Runners). Overtook the indian and pacing with Thean Seng. Lately he already beat me twice in road race. Thinking to revenge back. So i ran together for 2km until AIMST main-gate. He still going strong.. boleh gelak2, said hi-hi kat marka, Aku... dok hup-hap-hup-hap dok cari finish line.

Kaki buat hal.. really painful went i step on my left leg. Macam orang capek lari.Thean Seng speed-up or maybe i was slow-down gila babi naik bukit. Heading to running track, we need to complete a loop before cross finish line. He left me nearly half of track. But i know medal still available at the end. No worries. Able to grab a top20 medal.. is a bonus. Happy enough.

My timing was 35.39mins. 8th position.

Register & pick-up bib#+tee for 14 BM Leopard runners

AIMST Sport Complex

Cikgu, Din and Jasmin came for support

Warming up. Thean Seng in blue tight

Bebudak kat taman perumahan aku. Depa ni silap besaq.. mai raya kat rumah aku malam sebelum larian. Aku racun depa dengan free t'shirt. One of girls finished in top20 and 2 of boys won a lucky draw.

Already 7:30..

@8am.. pistol tak dak peluru ka?

Next... Veteran category

Flag-off for all 7km categories

Next... school category


@500m to finish line. Try chasing Thean Seng.

Setengah mampoih dah.

Just cross finish line. 8th position.

Finish line

Pak Ya from BM Leopard. While waiting for medal award.. i offer my Kayano 13 seem he wearing same size. SOLD!!. Alhamduliah.. really not suitable for my feet. Glad to know he tested a 10k on next day without any injuries. Watch-out him @ KRI next month.

The running couple. Ah Chuah and Maria

Lapor diri for Top20

Finish line.

On track

Zamri and Adry from Kulim

Student exhibition

Waiting for medal & lucky draw

Dancing performance.

Yeap (3 vet.), adry(4 Open), PakYa(12 Vet), Faizal(11 Open) and Zamri(13 Open). Not in photo.. Alex(2 Vet), Najib (4 Vet)

Duit tarak ka..

Top 20 AIMST Unity Run Results - Click to enlarge

A - Open Category & B - Women Open

C - Veteran & D - Senior Veteran

E - Women Veteran & G - School Girls
* I miss School boys result


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