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Friday 16 November 2007

Report: Powerman 2007

Thought my brain could accept the training program load into it without really do it and i faced the consequence. Less than a month after Ramadhan... no enough training, especially long distance running (>10km). My last LD was..emmm as i remember @Larian Bendang. It was 5 months ago. Tried to run >10km couple of weeks before.. rasa macam terabuq jantung. Plus... my new running shoes give me problems. Cause me rest for a week each time ran race with it. Glad i sold it.

Reach Manjung 2 days earlier with kids. Consider holiday for us and bring them to the beaches. Drove around Manjung town, Sitiawan and Lumut. The towns have changed alot since we left >10years ago. Manjung was a small and quite town that time. Went visit my old hostel which i spend there for 3 years at Mara Institute of Technology (old campus before shift to Sri Iskandar).

It was 2 storey terrace commercial building located in Manjung town, just walking distance to Powerman starting line. The upper level was a student hostel while the ground floor is tutorial classes. So if class start at 8:00... 5mins is enough to get-up from bed. Break-time.. lari naik sambung tidoq atas katil - Heaven.

..okay race day.

2 loops of running. 10.58km and 10.13km for second loop

2 loops of cycling

11km - Run
Flag-off, i was run smooth with comfortable pace in the middle. Passing taman house and nasi lemak stalls eemmmmm.. nice smell of it and ayam bakaq pepagi buta. Then @3km outer layer tapak kasut aku lekang. pok..pak..pok..pak. Ran with it for 1km. Lost my valuable time by stopping at St.John medic and nasi lemak stall asking for pisau or gunting. None of them have it. Until i stop at second St.John medic.

2nd loop for another 5.5km, i ran smooth. Until last 1km... felt really tired, pushing hard to transition area and walked exhaustively to my bike. Sigh.. paling jauh aku lari sejak bulan posa.

Official timing for 11km - 50.15mins
30-39 category ranking - 34/108

T1 - Transition Area 1
I took a loooong happy hour to prepare for cycling. Tight my shoes, put sloan cream on both legs, urut2 sikit, langah ayeq, pakai glove, perbetul tight, jalan lenggang to "bike out" - thats my mistake. too cool. Need to sort-out and priorities in transisiton area next time.

Official timing for T1 - 3.02mins
30-39 category ranking - 100/108

64km - Bike
I do hope i could achieved the target, but @<10km cycling both perut betis aku felt weird. Keras semacam. Aku tumbuk a few times on it. Mumbling.. !@#!#$@#*@#$ (jampi daaaa) hoping dia lembut balik - signs to cramps. Then i shouted for paramedic van before my legs become worst or freeze on pedal, like last year. They put some ice and spray to relieved my cramps. Lost my valuable time again.

Kayuh balik. Trying to get my normal cycling fast pace but my legs not allow. Felt the cramps going to be happen again. I just doing on easy 30-32km/h. Duh! terbakaqnyer - Really! I know i could push more but my leg gave a limitation. Sometimes i had to slow down and released legs from pedal to loose my betis - Bara.

@32km after 2nd loop of cycling, i push really hard. Marah sama 32km/h@CatEye and i had to stop again infront of Lead View hotel for medical treatment. Luckily i'm able pull
legs from pedal. They put 2 plactics of ice inside my tight and ask them to kept on spray kat perut betis.. sampai habis satu tiub.

Kayuh again... with 30-32km/h. Probably i dehydrated alot.. tak cukup garam. But i already took 2 sachets of ORS on the bike. Training kurang kot?.. maybe.Climbing on last bridge after U-turn for last 16km... really make me mad. Sumpah seranah. My legs freeze. Luckily it happen on top of bridge and i able pull from pedal. And i just straight my legs. Easy and turun bukit. Loose muscle perut perut betis and kayuh pelan.

..until @transition area, both legs jammed. Tarik mengkarung/cramps. Tertirap aku atas jalan macam tahun lepas - Hayun.

Official timing for 64km - 2:10.49h
30-39 category ranking - 74/108

Change to running tight. Put on shoes, grap my 2nd powergel, get-out from T2 area and heading to drinking station. I thought i doing fast enough in T2...

Official timing for T2 - 2.39mins
30-39 category ranking - 90/108

10km - Run
Hahahaa.. only able to run <1km. Then it turn to be run-walk-run. @2km I stopped the medic van and asking for ice and pain cream. A few minutes were gone and i able to continue run-walk-run.

It was straight road and light posts in between the lanes. So i slow jog for 3 light posts distance and walk another 2 light posts. Kept on jog-walk-jog by counting the light posts and when turn into taman houses.. aku kira batang pokok plak.Along the jog-walk-jog i never take look at stopwatch anymore. I know my target had gone already. And i created another target... break last year timing.

Going for 2nd loop. Counting light posts, then counting trees again. @Drinking
Stations.. took 3 cups. One down for drinking and mandi another 2 cups. It was hot and kering.. dehydrated.

And i ran-walk-ran until cross the finish line

Official timing for 10km - 1:20.40h
30-39 category ranking - 76/108

2 days after that official result were out.

I was ranked 64/108 position in M30-39 category.
Time: 4:27.27
10km = 50.15
T1 = 3.02
64km = 2:10.49
T2 = 2.39
10km = 1:20.40
For overall individual position = 194/327

..far away from my target but 20mins earlier from Powerman last year, enough make me cheer-up. And i know one fine day, i will break sub 4 barrier.

Block J. Old UiTM Perak Campus

Tangkap ikan layaran at Lumut Waterfront

Du Rocks!




Buat pedang Transformer

Real Energy bar from Australia. Cheaper than Powerbar

Walking to starting line



@T1 - Finish 11km run.

Transition with slow motion

..belek gerek

Walk out from transition area

U-turn for 2nd loop of cycling

Completed 64km cycling. Cari port..

Ready for running

Cepat laarr..

Run.. out from transition area

Habih 10km. Meleleh..

Broke my last year timing

Just finished and thirsty too

and.. lapaq

Gaduh dengan CChoo (kawan Tey). Dia ambik oren aku.

Dah 4 bijik aku tutuh sorang

Gaduh dengan Jamil plak


More photos.. click here


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  • Congrats Bro!
    Next year kita break 4 hr barrier ... ececece ...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:59 pm  

  • sungguh menyentuh perasaan citer hang ni.. cayalah 20 menet lagi awal dari tahun lepas

    By Blogger bola2api, at 10:26 am  

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