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Thursday 14 February 2008

Report Kuala Lumpur Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2008

I was interested to join this year because they introduce more categories for team beside individuals', such as private sector, government bodies, institute of higher learning, local authority, uniform body, NGO and those who register under team category automatically entitle for open category prize - It's good ideas to create more categories and will attract more runners to join.

I brought this event to my company sport club and they agreed to support all the expenses. I form my running group base on company top 4 finishers in DRB Sport carnival. They were Razak Arifin, Halim Majid, Rahim Man and Subri Mat. Most of them not a runners but they are sport-man - at least they are actively and fit. Got only a week so we train on our own and did once stairs climbing together at Tangga Seribu Kenari in Yan.

After pick-up bib# and tee at Wisma OCM, we when to Menara Kuala Lumpur (MKL) for site viewing. Familiar my teammates with starting location, running route and climbing stairs. Many thanks to one of MLK staffs who brought us tour around MKL and allow us to meet-up with Mohd Nor on his 23rd attempts to complete 50 times solo climbing.

@Wisma OCM, pick bib# and t'shirt

Our tour guide, dok cerita dari tapak sampai pucuk menara :)

Md Nor, pemegang rekod 50 kerabat Gunung Kinabalu

I was in 2nd batch flag-off in Open category. I took opportunity to have long chat gebang with KL runners. Normally we just said hi-hoi-hi to each other while i kena sayur or running opposite direction.

Bukit memang problem for me. I just ran in small steps until flat route before climbing the tower.. baru bleh pecut skit. Lompat 3 anak tangga sekali gus but that only 2 levels, then 1 stair, then bongkok naik, then merangkak, then letak tangan kat galang tangga tarik napaih, lap ayeq hidung, merangkak again until i heard championchip chime. Left 2-3 levels more, so i lari.

More KL Towerthon report @runwitme

I completed my 2nd Towerthon in 21.30mins base on ChampionChip timing and I was 138th in Open category or 272th in overall finisher. 1.22min improved from KL Towerthon 2005. Happy enough for myself. And for my team, the result said we were in 9th out of 11 teams under private sector. Our total time was 2:03.29. The champ was 1:16.24.

Click here for all categories result.

Overall, this event was very well organised by MKL. They using a ChampionChip for time accuracy and faster result. Nice tee and goodies too, plenty of post-race meals. Cups of milo from Milo's truck, a carnival atmosphere and medal... canteeek.. compare to previous event.

The team result were so horrible, unacceptable, memang ada kecoh. Aku kalah dengan cara jujur takpa (memang x pernah menang), tapi kalau winner teams "main air" dan dapat $$$$ (4 digit of $).. hey! sapa tak terbakar.

So keciwa and i decide to email and fax a complaint letter to FTAAA and MKL last week, until to today got no reply from them.

My thought... if they doing the right thing and they believe result correct, no bias, they have guts to reply.

My friend, Zulazlan also got own story. His team was announced champion on stage but received 2nd prize cheque. The official said the champ baru nak register after result came out. Hah?!!

Quite pity about this kind of accident, it still happen among the FTAAA and the organizer after years of experiences - It's about kejujuran dan keadilan.

Pepagi buta @Towerthon starting line

With kawan internet Hazman dan Nazib

Lining-up for 1st batch Open Cat

2 pics above snapped by Tey - TQ

Post race breakfast

Waiting for result

With kawan2 from ATM

Team Modenas

With kawan2 from Putrajaya

The most winner, as i know. - Thanks for pic


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  • The race course of KL Towerthon this year seemed so much longer and tougher as compare to the one we joined in 2001 !!

    By Blogger Island Folk, at 2:31 am  

  • By the way, looking at your photo shot by "runwitme" (where you were on your way up), hubby and I are smiling as we recall our moment for KL Towerthon in 2001!

    By Blogger Island Folk, at 2:40 am  

  • IslandFolk:
    I guess they using different route in 2001. And this yr they using ChampionChip but very kecoh on result.

    Haaahaha.. that time i was less O2+exhausted+pening climbing zip-zap-zip stairs.

    Both of u did towerthon? U should do it again laarr - Rejuvenate the 2001 moment.

    By Blogger aharis, at 9:38 am  

  • Yeh, dream of doing it again, but...? When we joined in 2001, there were infact two events, the first one being M'sian selection, then came the second one for those who were qualified (from the M'sian selection) to join the International part. Those two were held at different months. (I couldn't remember the month). So I joined twice in 2001.
    Your time is good as the route is so much longer than our 2001's. Uhh...I clocked 24min 58seconds with much shorter route! Really tough-loh, b'cos not enough Oxygen & no ventilation, had to "come out" to breathe so many times to survive myself...

    By Blogger Island Folk, at 2:23 am  

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