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Thursday 4 June 2009

Report Komtar Tower Run

My first run event for this year. Being safe-mode for 6 month after Unity Run at AIMST last november, slowly my weight gain miligram by miligram, gram by gram until up to kilograms. My trousers unable to cater my new belly size. Sometimes i wearing unbutton trouser and tighten with belt.

Anyway that was 2 months ago story. Now i'm back on road again. Doing an easy run and jogging. Slowly i pickup the endurance back. Take out the roadbike once a month on easy sunday ride to Tanjung Dawai and went swimming with Alauddin+Jasmin on Saturday - Feel good again wearing same trousers.

The last Komtar Tower Run was held on 2002. 7 years gone missing. This is my first Komtar Tower Run since i start running in 2003 and first time on top of Komtar.

As usual before flag off, i meet up + chat with friends. Said hi, hey, hoi and also making new friends. From SP Runners Club only me and Thean Seng show up. Others not interested. Same also with BM Leopard Club - only Alex took part.

The main reason why kakis not join because this event offer 2 categories for men - Boys and Men Open. Should be at least 3 categories - Men Veteran. Another reason, no finishers medal offer. The organizer could reduce cash prize abit and provide top20 or top50 finish medals. That will gain more runners

At prize ceremony, they gave a plastic trophy to top 10. I think, it looks like old fashion nowdays - Keeping 1~2feet of trophy. Accidently all top10 for men open won by Kenyan (except no.7 won by R.Muniady). Do you think they carry the trophy back home to Kenya?.. Medal?

Ok! Back to my running.
After flag-off I running around Komtar about <2km before heading to level 5 to start climbing the stairs. The organizer should flag-off runners in small group by group. otherwise it would jammed the stairs. I had to menyelinap between walking runners to continue running and climbing - Duh! Semangat nak lari hancus..

Komtar building have 64 levels but the finish line at level 61. Reaching at level 30, the stairs quite free. But i'm too exhausted. Hup-hap-hup-hap. Throat felt dry. Mata berpinau-pinau - I'm not taking any breakfast yet. Felt want to vomit but nothing out.

Continue walking faster climbing with 2 two stair case at once and finally i reach level 61 in 21.44min - My personal best in KOmtar. Ya! right, it is first my first Komtar Tower Run. Don't know my position but i quickly go washroom and vomit.

Compare to KL Towerthon event, the Komtar stairs is wide a bit. And i think they should lay longer running distance to create more gap before climbing the Komtar.

Heading to prize ceremony to..

The Dome - Dewan Tunku

Legs massage

Alex and new friend - Mohd Saad

Top10 Girls

Top10 SuperGirls

Top10 Supermen

oldest participation - Khoo Hock Yew and Nancy Yeow

Official Result - Click on image for XL size

Top 10 - Powerpuff Girls

Top 10 - Bionic Women

Top 10 - Supermen

I'm sorry.. i miss the The Bad Boys official result.

More photos and story of Komtar Tower Run at RunWitMe's blog.

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