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Tuesday 3 November 2009

Report: Cendana Hikathon

Another last minute event. Unplanned. Thursday I left message in Shaun's My Running Escapades he is PAC member - the Cendana Hikathon organizer. Friday I fax the detail to PAC's Presiden - Mr.Wong. Drag Alex to join too. Saturday I stay a night at Alex’s home. Sunday morning... rocks n' rolls!

Cendana Hikathon is an annual event. Never miss a single year but it was my first time since I start running in 2003. Thinking that I will participate in Genting: Trailblazer next week, so why not I join this event as training.

Standing at starting line, there was small number of runners’ line-up for Cendana Hikathon. I think between 100~120 runners. Why?.. It is an annual event. Should gain more responses.

Probably it was raining early morning before flag-off but I know most runners hati kering. Rain or shine they don't care about it.

Maybe it is tough? Climbing up-hill and run-down. Injuries easily can be happen. But injuries are part of our routine.

Maybe no cash prize? eemmm could be. The organizer offered trophy for top3 only. Or maybe too few categories offered - Men Open, veteran, women open and veteran.

Whatever it is, I think the organizer need to do post-mortem and seek reason/solution else i'm afraid Cendana Hikatan become history like Hikathon Laksamana.. like Island Folk's Corner said.


After flag-off, we ran heading to Kebun Bunga or Botanical Garden and turn left at Moon-Gate to start climbing the Bukit Cendana. Alex not interested in trail-run. He just came to accompany me. So he ran beside me. Normally first 1~2km I'm already sedut asap dia.

At Moon-Gate he left me. I can't follow his pace. Climbing Bukit Cendana was easier than Sirkit Kembara Gunung Jerai. Staircase already built using tanah and blocked by papan. Really steep. I just climb like naik tangga. No runnning. Sakit pinggang. Exhausted. I gave a way to those who going faster.

After >30min, there was a water station. Served plain and orange drinks. I took plain water and continue drinking+running. Then start climbing again. Somewhere in bushes, one of the marshals said "Ok! Lari turun". That was between 40~35mins of climbing. Can't remember. I'm not good in ascending.

Running down, I was jumping and scanning where is my next step. No brake else you'll slide-down. Had to be focus where to step on. Advance two or three steps ahead - Think fast. Kalau tak sakit badan or kaki terseliuh. Able to took-over those who potong while climbing. That time I was really tired and exhausted without water but the enjoyable of trail running erased all the obstacles.

Until I meet up with YuSong, my peha can't take it. Too painful. Can't jump any more. That time I could hear vehicle engine so finish line was nearer. Seem YuSong in Veteran category... so I let him go :P (Actually he was speeding once stepping on tarred road - damn fast) and I did slow jog until finish line. Finished in 16th placing with timing of 1hour 11mins.

For official result click here.

Before race start

With one of BM runners

The IslandFolks

Finish line

Why i like running @Taman Belia..

Penang laksa

Simple medal ceremony

Top3 Men veteran

Top3 Women veteran

Top3 Women open

Top3 Men open

Medal ceremony audience

With Women Veteran Champ, IslandFolks and runner-up friend

Finisher medal keychain


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  • Haris, glad you were able to make it just it time. I had to give this and other running events a skip due to serious knee injury. It's nice reading your posts. Keep us updated.

    By Blogger Shaun, at 8:13 am  

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