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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Report: Junior Development Programme - Circuit 3

Date: 26 September 2010 | Sunday | 7.30am
Venue: KLFA Football Stadium, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras
Distance: 5 000m
Category: H Men Open (Above 18 years old)
Result: Did Not Start (DNS)

This is my second DNS in a race. The first one was PJ Half Marathon in 2007. On both occasions, I overslept! I have to admit that I was very frustrated after all the preparations. Actually I should have enough rest but was awakened twice at around 3 and 4 in the morning! My son could not sleep as his body was itchy. I had planned to wake up at a quarter by 5.

Not only will I take part in the JDP 3rd circuit, I intended to go for a charity walk - Walk of Hope which is held in Taman Tasik Permaisuri. Since it is not a competitive walk, I thought that I could join the event after the JDP Walk. I need not wait at the stadium because only top 3 will get the medals. I can count myself out as BJSS boys would be too fast for me. My target is just to dip blow 30 minutes and not be lapped more than thrice!

Well, since I would be fasting tomorrow, I thought it would be best that if I went all out at the MPSJ stadium in the afternoon. I went to Mid-Valley for the World Heart Day event at iHEAL Medical Centre. It was certainly a very informative event.

My children took part in the colouring contest. Not too many children and therefore, Afiqah managed to get a consolation prize. A box of Pelikan crayons and half a dozen of Pelikan 2B pencils.

The part that they enjoyed most was when the clown was around!

I went to MPSJ stadium at around half past five. Quickly did warming up and stretching as the weather did not look too favourable. I was lucky because it did not rain. I guessed it must have rained heavily earlier as the were puddles of water on the track.

My result was very encouraging. If I could maintain my fitness until the end of the year, I am sure that I would be able to prevent myself from being overlapped by more than twice by the winners and at the same time trying to eye for the last podium finish.


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