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Friday 6 May 2011

Report: Larian Hari Bumi Sedunia.

Date: 24 April 2011 | Sunday | 6:30am
Venue: Stadium MPSP, Bukit Mertajam
Distance: 12km | 23th | 1:00.10mins

Started at Stadium MPSP Bukit Mertajam, aku malaih nak drive pepagi buta. So @8pm a night before i drove to Alex's home - free hotel Taman Sri Rambai :P

The event organized by DAP political party changed the date and starting location from original registration form. Initially original date clash with Energizer Night Run. Location? I do not know why.

While warming up Alex was informed, there was another run event near by (Jaya Jusco) offering more cash prize and shorten distance compare to this event. But 2 categories only - Women and Men open.

I not interested but secretly Alex went to Jaya Jusco with his friend by motocycle. Riding in BM town without helmet. I was told by Hafiz while standing on starting line.

The distance was 12.1km base on Google maps.

First 3km, I was struggling but when running thru Jalan Kebun Sirih, it was syiok. Sayur my competitors, sayur more and I was also disayurkan back. Sayur again and disayur plak. Lagu tu la, game larian nih. Baru syiok. mp3 player plak main lagu lama.. duh! So i just dengar ajer... the songs not helps.

30mins of running, I reached T junction to Stadium. AAiiikk. Still early. Suda sampai ka? Then we're instructed to run straight and then turn left passing Bukit Mertajam High School (BMHS).

BM town… remind me an old school memories. I was in boarding school for 5 years. We're musuh ketat in hockey, rugby and football with BMHS. I was hockey player in those days. Dapat pukui BMHS cukop syiok. Opposite of BMHS is BM railway station. Yeap! I had my first date there :)

Nak cerita BM town in 80ies cukop panjang. Kedai games, panggung wayang, Cheok Sah, Panjat pagaq...fuh! I had good run while flashing those memories in my mind. Sedar2 I was heading last corner to Stadium MPSP, BM.

Crossed finish line in 1:00.01mins and got 23th position in my category. The official booth was crammed with finishers. I think there were not enough official to handle the event. With 9 categories, i saw only 3~4 person jot down the top finishers detail. Kalut gila. Plus the cert and limited medal was given without verification.

After 10mins... I felt tak syiok dah. Got no medal as promised and Hafiz was given fake cheque for his 8th position, we went back Alex's home earlier. Later Alex settle the fake cheque with his DAP friend.

Alex, he got RM400 winning voucher on his 2nd position in 10km Larian Jusco Jaya. Tak ada kakis he said. Pap!! tak ada rezeki too me...

Partial official result, here.

..not mine :(


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