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Sunday 1 May 2011

Report: Larian Mesra Rakyat

01 May 2011 | Sunday | 8:30am |
Venue: Taman Jublee, Sungai Petani
Distance: 4.8km

I noticed banner when passing by the + junction at Taman Jublee, Sg Petani yesterday. Drove back home after shopped some groceries, cikgu decide to join the event after seeing the booth setting up late evening @Taman Jublee.

1st of May - Labour Day. Semua orang coti but for us, everybody wake-up early than usual weekday. Jasmin - ON, Cikgu and me - ON. Alauddin pull-back to take care of his sister - Fansuri. She was not feeling well, down with fever since two days ago - Thanks Din. Appreciate it.

The registration booth looks very kelam kabut - very. Nobody got bib# yet. Plus newly register runners are coming including us. The event should start at 7am but the booth baru mau set-up @7am – Jammed!

@8:30am before flag-off Jasmin's Primary School category, I gave some advises and encouragement. I think she likes running.

Cikgu and Me, we started together with veteran categories. From back group of runners, I'm doing my easy run. Plug-in the mp3 and enjoy the rock songs from Van Halen.

The running distance was 4.8km++. Start from Taman Jublee to Taman Bunga Raya roundabout. Heading to Sg.Layar and turn left thru Taman Cenderawasih. Passing market Taman Sri Tanjung and turn left to Taman Jublee back via SP Golf course.

Roughly 2km, I started marking my runners’ category by back bib#. My running was smooth. Legs were fine. Breathing - ok. But my mind not listening to mp3 songs any more.

I started overtook those in yellow bib#. Until the last one on my sight to finish line, suddenly I heard foot steps trying to sayur me. I speed-up abit. But the foot steps getting louder and nearer...

"Eh..Jasmin! Jom! kita lari dua.."

We ran together for awhile. Probably 100~200m, then I decide to speed-up abit after seeing my competitor not far from behind.

"Nanti ayah patah balik lari dengan Kakak..ok.."

Pushing more... I sayur another one competitor in my category to finish line. Got 5th position card. Take-out my bib# and ran back to Jasmin. And we ran to finish line together. She got no position# this time. Maybe ramai kakis in her category. Surprisingly cikgu also finished in top10 position - 6th.

So this morning, we have (RM50+RM30) prize money and I buy them breakfast and lunch - BreakLunch :P

Full result click here.

Pack with participants to get bib#. No goodies beg. No free t'shirt. Nothing.

Jasmin demam and muntah

Sleeping In My Car - before flag-off

Student cheering their teacher

We cheering our Cikgu too..

Cikgu is coming

6th position in Senior Women


Plastic medal :(


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  • Well done bro! Nice bib number too....Mr Bond. Keep it up.

    By Anonymous Aiman, at 9:29 pm  

  • Thanks bro - Mat Bond.

    By Blogger aharis, at 8:31 am  

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