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Monday 25 April 2011

Report: World Hemphilia Day

By Aiman Cheah

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I guess the event info is apt - it is a celebration with family and friends. Being a non-competitive event, it did not attract competitive walkers. Only about a kilometremetre walk around the area.

The highlight of the event was the appearance of Accapan, Yassin and Michael Jackson imposter. Generally the audience was greatly entertained by them.

There was also Tai Chi sessions. Novo Nordisk sponspored t-shirts for all Tai Chi participants.

My children took part in the colouring competitions. Akmal and Afiqah walked aways with third and first prize respectivey in their age groups.

I also get a box of fortune cookies for answering the MC's question. Not only that, I was lucky to get a blender as a lucky draw winner.

The event did not attract many people but I think, a charity event should be held in such a manner. Fund raising is the objective, not to look for walking talents. Every one going to the event was made a winner. All participants in 'Walk With Us' were given certificate of participation.

Thanking the sponsors

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