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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Report: 4th Betong - Tanoamaeroa Minimarathon

3 December 2011 | Saturday | 7:00am (thai)
Clock Tower, Betong, Thailand.
10km. 30~39 category. 49.53mins. 6th

Friday - 2 December 2011

We’re arrived Betong, Thailand at noon. While check-in Modern Thai Hotel, I saw numbers Malaysian runners from Ipoh and probably from Selama also staying in same hotel. They told me, registration booth is near to Clock Tower which is 50meter walking from hotel.

Registration booth

It was free registration fee for all categories. All participants need to complete a one way 10km distance. I wonder how kids below <12yrs category did it. Alauddin and Jasmin volunteer to join after I explain a 10km distance. I’m not forcing them because I know, they never do jogging/training >5km before.

It's Friday. Friday prayer at Majid Biru. Our tummy still full with home made breakfast, so we staying in hotel for awhile. Tatau nak pi mana dah... all the interesting places sudah pi. So... Kids playing and mandi in bath-tub, Cikgu tergolek tengok/dengar Thai music TV channel and I testing their wireless internet - damn fast!!

Aku, Alauddin and Jasmin

4pm, I checked on running route + bawa bebudak mandi kolam ayeq panas. It was 10.4km from Clock Tower to Betong Hot Spring - the finish line. They put distance marking on every kilometer along the route, exactly same with my car odometer.

@3km marking

10.4km until finish line

First 2km is town area. After that we passing kampung2 and rubber plantation. Route was hilly and rolling. Cikgu bisik risau macam mana bebudak tu nak perabih lari.

Kolam ayeq panas

Burung layang. Parking reta bawah wayar... silap besaq

One of reason I like about Betong is food. Sedap dan murah. There are alot of muslim stalls and restaurants. But trying to do shopping on cloth...emmm not that cheap. Pasar malam t'shirt quality in Malaysia cost nearly RM30 here..

"Kita beli Angry Bird t'shirt kat Sungai Petani laahh.."

Saturday - 3 December 2011

Subuh. Wake-up kids @7am (M'sia). Still got an hour before flag-off.

Like government kind of running event, here.. they have speech by local authority. Should start at 8am (M'sia) but delay nearly 20mins. I could saw muka cuak on Jasmin and Alauddin faces while waiting inside kandang lari. Trying to cheer them up..

First 1km, I ran with my kids. Gave a bit of advise to them then I speed-up leaving Betong Town. The weather was nice, cold and shading by rubber trees on both sides. Planning to finish as fast as possible and ran back to Jasmin and Alauddin. Mp3 is playing but my ears turned deaf, thinking to finish quickly.

Alauddin + Jasmin

Parents follow their kids by motorcycles, gave a lift and drop before the Check Point, then pick-up again and drop at next Check Point...hoohoho. Camtu. So Cikgu also did same for Jasmin. Alauddin?!.. Aku tabik dia. He’s not cheating.

Jasmin pederas

Again.. route are rolling and my cold sweat flowing undershirt - dingin. My legs syiok running with rusty LunarGlide+. And I finished in 6th position with time below 50mins. Fuh! that gumbira enough for me. Jasmin got 5th. Alauddin, he complete is first 10km run - Congrats.

Sadly there were not medal for us. Trophy for 1st~4th only. Fine... I think we enjoy our own race. Hopefully Jasmin and Alauddin felt same thing also. After had post-race meal breakfast and ice-cream, cikgu drove us back to hotel. Others, the army trucks will bring them back to town after prize ceremony.

Next run - esok 21km @Larian Separuh Marathon Merentasi 3 Negeri.

Meals booth


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