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Sunday 3 June 2012

Ekspedisi Menawan Gunung Kinabalu

I'm going to Kota Kinabalu again. This time, I will lead 4 office colleagues hiking up to Low's Peak. A 4D3N trip start from Thursday 21 June and return on 24 June Sunday.

Base on schedule, if weather kind enough and team members in good condition we should reach Laban Rata via Mesilau route on Friday evening. Continue to top of Mt.Kinabalu on Saturday morning - waiting for sunrise. And return to Timpohon Gate.

Preparation for this trip almost completed. Climbing permit from Taman Negara received, flight tickets, lodging in Mesilau and Kota Kinabalu paid. Except transportation. I still negotiate with 2~3 company for best rate for 3 days of rental. Should be finalize by this week.

Initially my team, aged between 32~56, working with the company more than 10 years, decide to give some token by flagged the company banner on top of Mt.Kinabalu. Luckily couple of weeks ago company and sport club agree to provide some cash in this Ekspedisi - Thanks.

Left 2 weeks more only. My team members did their training by hiking up to Gunung Jerai for last 2 months. Still sakit2 lagi - Good.

...dok kira jari kaki

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