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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Report: SP Half Marathon 2012

...still penat of having Raya Open house yesterday.

SP Half Marathon 2012 have many thing to improve if they want to do it again. A lot of runners not satisfied with SP Half Marathon treatment. Although the organizer was backed by ex-national runner but they overlook basic need of runners. Such as..  

1. Late start for Half Marathon
The start time was 45mins late from what mention in registration form. When came to actual timing of flag-off, they delay again because of VIP. Another 15mins late. Running 21km at 7am?!...  

2. Lack of water-station
For 21km route, they served 3 water-station instead of 4 as they promised. 1st@5km, 2nd@11km and 3rd@20km. For 3rd water-station I guess it already too late. Runners already exhausted gila between 13km~19km. When I passed Sek Keb tuan syed jan al-jaffri (somewhere around 17km)... can not tahan. Enjin panas, radiator kering... I stopped at local stall and langgah from water tap.  

3. Lack of water
I heard from selow runners, they were really2 angry like David Banner. Sudah la water station tak cukop, ayeq pulak tak cukop dan HABIS! Sapa tak marah if you in their shoes.  

4. No Mobile Toilet
Dataran Zero located nearby main-road. In-front of Sungai Petani clock Tower. Mana mau kencing? Belakang KFC, Medan selera, Parking area, Bangunan Mahkamah?  

5. No Marking Distance
Marking distance is a motivation. It keep runners running toward finish line on their own pace. There are marking distance which helps run faster, slow-down and stronger. Let help runners had their choice. Everybody love having choices.

That my 5sen. Probably For elites it is small matter, but for average and slow runners that are necessity. With RM45 I paid for this category, I think i deserve more.

Anyway I completed my Half 1:54.07. Official result at

Heri and Hafiz

With RunWitMe
With Tan from Bt.Kawan

Abang misai pon marah...


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