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Sunday 2 February 2014

Where did I jog? - Pattani.

New post article regarding where I did my jog and traveling on foot in new town or places. It is not about racing event, just a sightseeing on the run/jog passing places of interest.

By running I could explore more into local area and seeing their daily activities especially early morning. There is no rules. no distance, no route and no pace setup. Just bring some cash in-case I lost and back with cab. I jog and stop any interesting place to re-fill, chat or answer nature-call - It is run free.

I did number of sight-running before such as Brastagi@Indonesia, Hatyai@Thailand, KotaKinabalu@Sabah, KelanaJaya@PetalingJaya, Brinchang@CameronHighland, Kuah@Langkawi, Songkhla@Thailand eemm.. can't remember but those not recorded. I will start with Pattani.

Ride Itek SP-Pattani
Ride Itek SP-Pattani

Date: 01 February 2014 | 6:45am (MY time)
Start/End: C.S Pattani Hotel, Pattani, Thailand
Distance: 11km | 1:15.11

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From hotel to M
A straight road. A very cold morning. Some local start preparing/selling breakfast. Got 2 doors shop out-let of 7-Eleven. Besaq!

@C: Muang (District)  Pattani Municipal Office
Alot of exercise equipment for locals located nearby the river. Meriah with aerobic exercise and  loud thai music. Ya.. I join them for 5mins.

From L to B
Locals muslim kampung area. I passed 2 mosques. Mostly they are fishmen.

From L to C, D, E and F
Running thru muslim/melayu kampung area passing a mosque and 1 on other side of river.

From G to H and K
Passing shops and banks. Some local stalls selling kuih-muih

From K and J
Passing The Central Pattani Mosque and opposite is huge wet market. I think it is main market in Pattani. I ran thru inside the market. Tengok ikan dan sayur-sayuran.. feeling fresh again.

From J to K, I, L, C, M, N and O
Back to hotel

Then terus lompat dalam swimming pool..

Ride Itek SP-Pattani
Ride Itek SP-Pattani

Report on my Ride Itik : SP - Pattani coming soon.


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