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Thursday, 9 November 2006

..go Power Ranger!

Dedicated this song to my beloved.. leg!
- yeah! the one which is stand on left side.

Whitney Houston › Why Does It Hurt So Bad
why does it hurt so bad
why do i feel so sad
i thought i was over you
but i keep cryin
when i dont love you
so why does it hurt so bad
i thought i had let you go
so why does it hurt me so
i cannot get you out of my head
it hurts so bad
.... etc

Heading to Lumut tomorrow morning (Friday), accompany with family and Ayah. Kids already excite to go and kept asking when is my race day. He counting days with his fingers.. 1-Thursday, 2-Friday and 3-Saturday!..
"3 hari lagi.. ayah!"

Will stick with my plan A.. and after 1leg.. will see whether to go for A or change it to B. B - mean.. finish it. Regardless of time. Walk or crawl.. will do it. Don't ask me what Plan C is. Need more positive inputs.

It was 60-40 yesterday. 60% not going. But after played previous years photo slides of Powerman... looking at the sweat, racing, struggling, crossing the finish line..
- Should be there this Saturday.

It not about winning... dah memang tak menang dah. It about kepuasan, kegeraman, kedegilan and kesakitan. Thats the beauty of this sport. Even Lance Amstrong pon surrender to run more marathon after NY Marathon last week.

Patut pi hari ni.. for P.Pangkor, but cancel. Jari cikgu still serabut will 7 stitches and leg need more rest. My last training was 3 days ago.. - 10km. Tu kira jarak lari paling jauh aku buat since a month rest + sumbat ketupat & lemang berbatang2.

Will bring and lumuq more Sloan.. biaq terbakaq bulu kaki. Put a smile on my face and for sure.. If i could finish it this Saturday... will cium tanah 4x, once cross the finish line... (Sembahyang jamak daaaa..)

Those who are going.. Good luck guys!.
- Jgn langgaq aku udah... Athlit OKU. :P

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  • woit.. Slamat berjuang di Lumut!! Alang2 race, biar peluh penuh satu besen.. Kirim salam kat TiiTii kalo jumpa... sori la x dpt buat 'kejutan' cam last year!! hehehehehe..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:50 pm  

  • TQTQ.. nasib baik hang x pi. Peluh.. tarak! Garam sebaldi ada!. Sempat sembang 3x dgn Bacin.

    TiiTii, tak jumpa... err.. sapa dia tuh? Sorry..

    By Blogger aharis, at 11:34 am  

  • laaaa... x kenai TT lagi ka... lelaki paling hensem kat malakof lumut tu... samal la dgn hang, kan yg paling hensem kat sg petani... heheheheh..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 pm  

  • N: TT.. ingat pompuan. Org Malakof semua hensem2. Cian nko.. tak dpt nengok mereka2 @Lumut. Benny, Joerie, Miguel and etc...

    By Blogger aharis, at 5:43 pm  

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