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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Report: Shoe String Run

Event: Shoe String Run
Organizers: Touch 'n Grow Community Support (TGCS) with the support from Tri Action Sportz
Date: Sunday, 20 April 2008
Venue: SRK Bukit Kemuning (2)

I must say that this is the event that I find most difficult to get to. The organizer has overlooked my request for directions to the venue/office to collect shirts and running number.

Actually it is quite easy to get to the venue. Use KESAS Highway and head towards Shah Alam. Exit at Kota Kemuning when you see the sign. Keep straight until you come to a roundabout. Take the second exit (12 o'clock turn). You'll see the directions to Surau Al-Hijrah about 100 metres before you reach the second roundabouts. Just look out for the sign to Surau Al-Hijrah. The school is before the surau. And before the school is SMK Bukit Kemuning. If they had told me this, I could have found it without any problem...

Woke up late again... Too tired after sleepless nights to prepare for exam and submit assignments. The CPU also felt the 'heat'... working about 12 hours a day continuously for 2 days and decided to break down. The back up computer has problem when logging in to jaring!!! All these don't help to speed up my work.

Got ready by 6.05 after morning prayers. Carried my son who was still sleeping to the van. Luckily, there was no protest! Unlike Afiqah who has been following me to run when she was as young as 6 months old, Akmal stays home most of the time because he tires every one out.

My daughter was very excited because this was her first 'competitive' run. Even the day before she had asked me to pin her bib and tried on the oversized t-shirt. She wore it anyway.

Although I registered for three persons, in the morning I told the organizer that only two (Afiqah and I) will be running and they made a note on the reporting sheet. Not making note also never mind... sure won't be among the winners... As usual, I would start from the back when I sensed that I would not be competitive. We jogged lightly. I was actually surprised that she could continue for almost 20 minutes! I was too busy to have any sort of training! I used to walk with her to the grocery which is about 25 minutes' walk when I was free early of the year. I gave her a 'lift' after the water station. Too heavy for me... (15.5kg) so I could last for about 50 metres. She walked all the way to the finishing line.

Completed the race in 37minutes 22 seconds. It was certainly a good accomplishment for a 5-year-old girl (to be precise 4 1/2 years old). Perhaps, she could be among the 'challengers' when she is 9 and 12 for aged category races...

She slept early and well at night and luckily no aches this morning. Got a 'grilling' from my brother-in-law. Should not to be too harmful because I did not push her... I agree that 3km is a bit a tall order for a 4 1/2 - year-old kid. I chatted with her all the way to monitor her breathing. If she could chat, surely the pace was not 'demanding'.

The sponsors were very generous. There were ample of muffins and drinks. Afiqah told me that she would want to run in races again. Probably, I'll return for the event next year...

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