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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Report: 23rd Seremban Half Marathon 2010

By Aiman Cheah

I decided to take part in this event because I had not run the 21 km distance for a long time. The last being Adidas King of the Road last year. The medals offered also are within my reach - 150 for men veteran.

I was not well prepared for this race. Just trying my luck. I only ran 8.4km on Monday and walked 4.2km on Friday. I only targeted a 7 min per km pace.

I reached Seremban by 6.30 a.m. but since I was not familiar, I lost some time looking for parking. I walked towards the starting line but went back to hand in my reporting card thinking that the 21km had not been flagged off yet. I saw Mr. Naidu who asked me to go to the starting point immediately while he helped me to hand in my reporting card.

I was told that the runners had left. So, I ran slowly alone. I was happy to see another late comer. At least, I had a companion. Unfortunately, he was too fast for me. I started to walk just after 2 minutes of running.

Anyway, I was still optimistic to complete the distance. After running again, I saw the last runner - a woman. I guessed she must have started late too. After 5 minutes I saw the last group of runners. Trying to find out how late I started but did not get the answer because the runner did not use a stopwatch.

I came to mineral water stall after 15 minutes of running. I asked one of the runners if there will be water stations ahead and I got good news. There would be water stations at 5th, 10th and 15th km. His stopwatch was 21 minutes. So I had started about 6 minutes late.

I ran a relaxed race. Just hoping to complete the distance within qualifying time. I reached the first water station after 28 minutes, the second water station after 1:03 and the final water station after 1:36.

Problems began to set in after I came to 6km sign. My left calf almost cramp. I gave it a quick massage and continued at a slower pace. I was just hoping to finish the race within 2:30 hours. I took several stops after the roundabout when the 10km runners merged with the 21km runners.

I was happy to complete the race in 2:05:21 in 77th place. The official time would be around 2:12:00.

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