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Monday 25 July 2011

Report: Borneo Highlands Resort Padawan Nature Challenge 2011

Date: 3 July 2011 | Sunday | 10:00am
Venue: Borneo Highlands Resort, Kuching
Distance: 10km Category: Batu Panggah Trekking Challenge
Position: Did Not Finish
Full results at

The BHR mark. Courtesy of

Wow, it was really exciting to participate in my first event in Sarawak. I had planned to go for Press run a few years back but did not make it.

It was a adventure from KL itself. The great taxi driver had literally taken me for a ride from my place. The usual fare is RM6 and it was RM10 that day. I had to walk to the Skybus terminal. It was most irritating to see the bus passed by when I was walking towards the terminal. I did not take the risk to wait for the next bus - half an hour later.

Luckily Aerobus had not left. Ticket sellers were more like a gangster. I was really pissed off and just ignored them. I bought tickets from one of the more polite ticket sellers. The one who had offered me was sore with me. Who cares? So long as he did not harm me.

CAR 211, Affendi Mohamad Amin and CAR 212, Selmah Morshidi Bib 447. Courtesy of

I did not do enough homework for this race. I had expected the race to start at 7.30 a.m. I was rather disappointed to know the race started at 10.00a.m. I would not have much time as my flight back was 1.55 p.m. It would take about one and a half hour to get to the airport.

My partner and I started off well. I would say it was a little too fast. We chatted along the way. Once in the jungle trail, the real challenge began. I really salute my partner for her determination. I might not even be at the starting point if I were to be in her shoes.

She encouraged me to go on my own and met up with her at the finishing line. How could that be? It's a team event. Never mind if I didn't finish the race, there would be many more times in future.

When we reached the first check point, there were three teams who had not reached there. I was sure they got into the wrong trail as it was a little confusing when crossing the stream. There were two arrows with no marshals. The check point official told us that the 'wrong' arrow was the route for last year!

With the help of the marshal and organizer, we managed get to car park. I was dead worried that I would miss my flight! As if it has been planned, it was plain sailing to get to the aircraft. I was the second last passenger to board the plane. Afiqah cheekily told me it was fun because we need not queue!

You may see some of the pictures taken by fellow participants at

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my manager and partner, Julie Beh and her family for their support. I will definitely return for another race. I am also happy of the positive effects on my manager after the race.

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