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Friday 13 July 2012

Jogging Week1 July 2012

02 June 2012 | Monday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.41mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms]
01.So Far Away.mp3
02.Money For Nothing.mp3
03.Walk of Life.mp3
04.Your Latest Trick.mp3
05.Why Worry.mp3
06.Ride Across the River.mp3
07.The Man's Too Strong.mp3
08.One World.mp3
09.Brothers in Arms.mp3

I guess this album should owned by every music listeners. Full of hits songs. The guitar sound so beautiful + other instrument especially saxophone played by Michael Brecker on track4. This album score top chart in 10 countries.

03 June 2012 | Tuesday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.12mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Eric Johnson: Ah Via Musicom]
01.Ah Via Musicom
02.Cliffs of Dover
03.Desert Rose
04.High Landrons
05.Steve's Boogie
07.Nothing Can Keep Me from You
08.Song for George
10.Forty Mile Town
11.East Wes

For me, this is best studio album by Eric Johnson. Number of tracks were played in TV media. Couple of month ago I still listening track6 in local programme. Go and try listen on Youtube.

05 June 2012 | Thursday
Route: Running in loops
Time: 40.27mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [David Benoit: Urban Daydreams]
01.Sailing Trough The City.mp3
02.Cloud Break.mp3
03.Urban Daydreams.mp3
04.When The Winter's Gone (Song For A Stranger).mp3
05.Snow Dancing.mp3
07.Wild Kids.mp3
08.Looking Back.mp3
09.Seattle Morning.mp3
10.As If I Could Reach Rainbows.mp3

Piano instrumental. Kaki feel good. Too bad.. I only have 40mins for lunch break.

08 June 2012 | Sunday
Route: Home, +Semeling, Pekan Semeling, AIMST and home
Time: 1:00.19mins
Randomly playing on my mp3 player - [Chris Botti - The Very Best of]
02.First Wish.mp3  
03.Drive Time.mp3  
04.Midnight Without You.mp3  
05.Worlds Outside.mp3  
07.Why Not.mp3  
08.Mr. Wah.mp3  
09.Like I Do Now.mp3  
10.The Way Home.mp3  
11.Irresistible Bliss.mp3

Chris Botti.. for me, his music are so sexy. Cukop syiok layan trumpet sound tengah2 malam. I have a pleasant, relax, calm running mode thru this album.

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