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Friday 9 July 2004

Report: Ipoh International Run 04

Reach ipoh at 2:30pm, then straight to MBI to collect bib no & t'shirt. They do not mention where to collect it in replied letter, luckily it was correct place as i'm not very familiar with Ipoh roads.

Up to 2nd floor, there was a long queue for 1/2M and nobody lining-up in Women and Quarter category. Try to register at free booth. Can not!, they don't have a list for Male Open 1/2M.. cheeehh!

1/2 hour.. a lot of people start mumbling, the line not even move. Org depan register lebih dari 10 entries.. patut laaa... Then MBI's pic, shout for 2nd lane, quickly run infront. 5mins later baru dapat.. After registered, saw a Nestle PowerBar outlet. First time jumpa this stuffs as i hardly find for this nutrition thru-out penang.. tarak... so bought some extra for stock and get free PowerBar drinking bottle.

+ + =

D day, wake up early 4:30am, after finish breakfast with buns wait for a while ..wait...wait.....waaaitt OK! A calling that I waiting for.. from a nature! good!.. rush to bathroom throw everything...

6:15am reach at Dataran, put a running shoes and have a PowerBar. Went to booth to register and collect waist band.. they gave a cable tight...gilaa.. silap tarik... memang tak boleh buka punya... There was an accident after running, my son found unused cable tight and put inside his waist and tight until his palm become red. Luckily i have a tool box in car.

Runing in Ipoh is okay... road are flat and policemen control the traffic. Start running from back of the crowded with slow pace. Chit-chat with others runners. Skip 1st water station as i boleh tahan lagi... 2nd water station, wrap the power gel. First time makan this stuff... yurrrkkk.. nasib baik ada bau strawberry... makan separuh..ajer. May be terkejut first time makan.. Cross 12km mark and noticed my timed 1:09mins. Not bad! 10km below an hour. Ehhh.. at this time, Arul Thevar (1/2M winner) sudah habih lari loooo...

My left start cramp feeling aching. Put some Sloan Cream before running so not feeling the pain too much as that cream kasi panas my left leg. My body & mind telling me to increase the pace but my left leg... ayooooo. So just an easy pace until 19km mark, by pass FairPark Hotel. Kaki sudah teruk and urat kepala pun sudah tarik. I can't pusing my head just look infront or else if i want to look right, i need to turn my body also. Huyooo... never feel this before.

Crossing finish line with new PR!That time cuma walk-run. After by-pass last junction about 800 metre from finish line... tak boleh tahan... need to finish it fast... so i speed-up and manage to potong 3 person in same category. And saw my family waiting beside finish line... full speed... and phheww.. my watch showed 2:12:12 oraiitt... new PR! and take a position card... 206th Wuuhoo! entitle for a medal!.

Takes this cert. and wait for Mr. Postman.. OK! Nexxxttt.. Can’t wait to see the medal look like…after drink-up 100Plus x 4 cups and went to medal booth. There, I was informed to fill-in postal address as the medals are out of stock. They will be sent to you by post. What??!!.. In the entry form clearly state that medal will be give to the first 300th those who finish within 150mins. How come it becomes shortage in International level event?. Looking around… a lot of runners very disappointed and some of them can’t control their anger and had no choice just write down their address. Before leave the medal booth “Macam mana saya nak tau MBI confirm akan pos medal ni?”. “Kita akan pos!” said one of MBI staffs.

Hopefully Mr. Postman will be deliver an Ipoh Medal to my home…
Believe It or Not!®.. Believe it!..

Haris dah habih lari dah kot... Yeeeehaaaaa...
Sorry Jasmin, no medal for your birthday! Sapa nak lari dgn ayah esok?
Hang kena practice lagi, Haris! Jom main bola..HAAAAHHHHh..
Power Girl: Rasa lain niii.. Susu ke? Power Girl: Ceeehhh..ayeq kosong!

Report by: Abdul Haris
Date: 9 July, 2004

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