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Tuesday 31 August 2004

Report Fitness Run @ Kg. Seronok

Larian Kecergasan Rakan Muda, Organised by Kelab Cabaran P.Pinang and Jabatan Belia & Sukan P.Pinang. Held in one of most famous Malay kampung in Penang. Been awarded as kampung Tercantik in Malaysia don't know what year, but it's really cantik. You don't see any rubbish and wonder mana they throw sampah... tong sampah ka?.. Every house has their own mini taman..

Jasmin. Alauddin Love this picture Buat Kota Sarang Semut

Energy foods, Ikan bakaq + Sotong & Kerang.. burrp! A night before went to Teluk Tempoyak for a dinner.. Guess what.. those who use to be having a dinner there (famous with ikan bakar).. it's no more already!. That kampung sudah kena taufan tsunami.. every thing gone + terbang... tinggal meja makan simen & play ground!. So shock, last time pi around 3-4 months ago. Anyway, we go to the other side kampung (got chalet atas laut, recommend to stay if got IPBR 2004). Pekena ikan + sotong + kerang bakar.. for both of us, only RM25.. not bad!.. Esok habis laa.. ikan + sotong + kerang kena bakar lagi..

Cepat sapa tak register lagi... Mai ambik gelang tangan..ceeeeepaaat! Mengantuknyeee.. Pang!.. boleh start lari noohh Mana dia ni.. lembab betul..

Running start sharp 8am, participant around 300-400. Route cover jalan kampung, kebun manggis, kebun durian, bukit-bukau and Bayan Lepas airport.. i tot it was an off road race... but after 2km.. masuk jalan tar.. fuh! lega.. from 3km to finished line, was running with a new friend from Kulim, iayaah forgot to ask his name...

50M to finish line.. yeeehaaaa Mana gambaq aku tah.. Water Station.. kat sapa aku nak bagi no. lucky draw

He also use to enter a running event around kedah, penang. He plan to join Larian Muhibbah this coming weekend 5/9 at Nibong Tebal (my hometown).. dia ajak sekali but I had to turun KL for KOTR on same date. We're running together until finish line. Distance for this running only 7.3km and managed to finished in 37.25mins. Okay laa.. and yg gumbiranye my left leg sudah 100% recover... after a month++ not running and it recover by itself.. alhamduliah!

Okay KOTR "Impossible is Nothing". Let's rok!

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