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Friday 30 July 2004

Sh*t laa..

I'm been assigning to do company improvement program for 3 months. The worst thing is need to do full time, all my current jobs/tasks had delegate to other teammates. This program and instructor came from main-company from KL which is focus to improve company performance and also find any non-revenue activities and resources.. and also unproductive staff... SH*T!.. Hate to do task which treatend ourself and other person.

But, what i hate most is, the activities take-up my off-working hour.. no time to run training... start work 7:30am and went home 7-8pm... for 3 month! Su*k!!. By time sampai rumah.. sudah exhausted!

My left leg pun sudah okay sikit... Nearly a month not doing any run training since Jogathon at Kelab Cinta Sayang, badan pun sudah rasa tak sedap... tak keluar peluh.. Hopefully 100% recover before Sept04 ni. I'm a running addict!

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