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Saturday 10 July 2004

After finish Jogathon

After finish Jogathon terus to office. Nobody at home, wife ada meeting at school, Jasmin & Alauddin send to pengasuh & taska. Update my weblog for Ipoh Int Run Report and upload pics that i taken on Jogathon.

Along the way, keep thinking of Seremban Half.. to go or not, to go or not. Looking at my left leg, still not fully recover and another 10k today.. ouuch! really hurt. Should rest for 2-3 weeks.

Surf the net, check Seremban half info.. Expected more than 8,000 for 17th Seremban Half Run. Wow! so crowded man. A strategic place in southern region and the 17th Seremban Half sure they have popularity and a lot of promotion. So (no May be) next year will be join and grab the one of the medals.

Evening 4:30pm, went to Bandar Laguna Merbok (BLM) with family for a swimming. Having fun with ourself as we were buzy along the weeks and forget about time for kids.

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