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Tuesday 17 August 2004

Take 5!

After a month rest & recover my left leg.. can not tahan anymore my body feel weak. Balik rumah pun rasa mandom.. Bebudak buat silap sikit.. pang! kena se-das.. huh! ganas betul. I should get my smiling back & be happy father to them. Last 2 days & yesterday... managed to do slow jog around Plant for 30mins, wouldn't to do more than that coz my left leg still aching.. nanti langsung tak boleh lari.

Yesterday after 30mins running in evening, brought a family for a dinner to Nasi Kandar down town and spend more than an hour there having a happy hour meals.. i'm so lapar gila. my wife & i have a tosai & puri... Alauddin (4years) takes two pieces of roti canai! never see he ate so much... Jasmin.. she just playing around the table... Finish dinner, blah balik rumah.

Just before reach rumah, Alauddin muntah in front of the car seat! Arghh! you know la how it smell... so with a smile & happy just get sabun + kain buruk.. basuh car seat, dashboard and gear... and spray a perfume inside car.

Need to do training and preparation body and mind for Rakan Muda Fitness end of this month, early next month.. KOTR and Cafe21 end of September.

Thinking back.. sitting in a office for a long day.. slot-in late, slot-out early, close a home door, open office door, close office door, open home door.. every day. We're living in stress! Get yourself into any outdoor activities or sports such as tennis, bowling, fishing, running, cycling, swimming or be a triathelete if you need to.. you'll get more benefit.. less stress, good health and the important one is... you will get more and more happy days not hours through out years.

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